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The Proof Is In The Pudding

After writing the “OMG White Beauty!!” post a while ago, a had a few people thinking that such things going on in certain minorities didn’t happen. They didn’t feel that the things I went into brief detail of was “hard evidence” that these things went on
….Well here’s the hard evidence. This Channel 4 Documentary focuses on people from various ethnic groups trying to look more whiter in appearence, as they feel it is more attractive and more acceptable. However it’s not just media based. If you watch the video you’ll see them explain other things that have happened to them in the past [and even now] that make them want to Westernize their appearence.
By watching this, I hope that people try to stop it rather than encourage this kind of thing to carry on.

Remember, the media’s idea of beauty does NOT correspond with my own. [i.e light skin, light eyes, long hair etc].
I do not wish to be white or look more Western in appearance because that’s not the way I naturally am.
As insecure as I can be, it has NO RELATION to my race. Out of all the things I’ll be unhappy about appearance wise, that will not be one of them.

While I think there is nothing wrong with those features, I don’t think it defines beauty as a whole. Yes that can be beautiful too, but beauty comes in every colour, race, hair texture, eye shape, body shape etc. I just wish the people in this documentary could realise that and love themselves the way they naturally¬†are.


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Skinny Over “Fat”, Blondes Over Brunettes && Light Skin Over Dark…The Affect It Has

It happens in almost every high school; where there are those certain girls (and boys) who get more attention from others. They get treated better, they are the ones a lot of people like and get called pretty/hot; they are popular…because of the way they look.

It’s either the skinny blonde girls, or maybe even the light skinned ones with long curly hair and green eyes in the black/asian community. Though the features can vary depending on where you are, they are overall pretty much the same. These girzoe-saldana-1-0509-lgls [like stated before] are popular, get on well with more people, and are generally treated better by people in comparison to others, because of their appearance. They are put on a pedastool and are praised, get more attention from people [especially boys] and are always reminded of how pretty they look or how they are beautiful. They are the ones that people always want to be around.

To some of us, they are great, and outside of these certain girls (or boys) no one else matters. We feel the need/want to always be around and with them and [sometimes] give them our undivided attention.

Most of us treat people like this subconsciously. Some will never realize that they are favoring those girls over the rest based on their appearence. Some are aware of it and openly tell others [for example] that they’re not pretty or good enough because they don’t look like these girls. Some think about it a bit, but not too much because in their mind, that’s just the way things should be.

Whatever the thought is we are all guilty of it. I admit, though I never thought badly of dark skinned black girls etc… I used to treat blonde [white] or light skinned black/asian girls better than others because at that age (I was about 10-11), I was convinced that they were better, but I never knew why…. they just were.

Now I realise I thought that because of society. With almost everyone in the media having those features and being treated so well by others, society made me believe that’s what was right [look wise] above everything else. It made me think that in order to be accepted that’s what you had to look like. And while I didn’t wish to look like that myself, I felt the need to treat anyone who did better than everyone else.

Thankfully, I got out of that mindset and realised that while it could make things easier if you look like that in today’s world, you’ll still be accepted if you don’t. I also realized that those people aren’t always going to be treated like that, because not everyone will necessarily like them solely based on their looks [not everyone;s that shallow]. Also because like many things, their looks will fade, meaning so will the attention that came with it.

I could go further into this, [I think I’ll save that for another post], but I want to end it by saying that in this day and age where beauty comes in many different forms, colours and shapes, it’s our job as people to not favour the skinny green eyed blondes for instance over others. Though we many not have started it, it should be our priority to end it.

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