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Being Biracial

Biracial is defined as someone who has parents from two races; for instance they may have a black mother and a white father, or an asian mother and a black father etc. [I’ll mainly be talking about those who are mixed with black and white, but there’ll also be mentions of other mixes]

People are used to being categorized as one race, and in a country like America, there has been rules to keep things that way; the most common being the One Drop Rule. It stated that if you were partially black (whether you’re 1/2, 1/4. 1/8 or even 1/16) you were still considered black. This meant that even if someone looked white but had a black great grandmother, they would be considered black and at the time, not be accepted by the white race [in America] It’s because of such rules that there have been constant debates on what to classify biracial people like Halle Berry, Lou Jing and Barack Obama.

As well as black people having various complexions, certain aspects can come out stronger from one parent, meaning biracial people vary in appearance. Believe it or not, the following people are all of the same mix (one black parent & one white parent):

Jael (ANTM contestant)    Emily King (Singer)

Charley Uchea                                     Slash (Musician)
(Big Brother UK Contestant)

Lenny Kravitz (Singer)              Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter)

As you can see, some of them look mixed while others only look black (Charley Uchea) or only look white (Jael or Rashida Jones). Although I’m not biracial myself, I know many people who are. While many of them embrace both of the races, just as many prefer one half of themselves, leading them to be ashamed of the other half if not deny it completely.

This could be for many reasons [not only with those I know, but generally], one is discrimination they face from friends and even family. Many within the black community automatically dislike them for stupid reasons; they assume that those who are biracial think they are better than them because their skin is lighter etc. when most of the time, that is not true.

Many within the white and Asian community don’t approve of biracial people, especially if they’re half black, and they’re not afraid to admit it. That’s how derogatory terms such as “half breed” developed (just look at what happened to Lou Jing)

Another reason is their perceptions of the denied race is based on either a bad experience or stereotypes. Say a biracial girl (black and white) was only in contact with the white side of her family and the only exposure to black people she had was the negative perceptions of us as rapists, gangsters, drug dealers etc. through the media. Not only could she deny her black side, but she may try and do anything she can when she’s older to not associate herself with black people, even if that means talking in a certain way, listening to a certain type of music, or even straightening her hair and bleaching her skin to look more white.

She may even be forced to deny one side. On the Tyra Banks show singer Kimberley Locke spoke about how in High School her black friends tried to make her choose one side of her as they believed she couldn’t be both black and white. Although she refused to choose between the two, that’s unfortunately not the case for many other biracial people in the same position. Many are proud of only one when they really should be proud of both. Being biracial doesn’t make them “dirty” or “unpure”, if anything it makes them more diverse and unique.
If they’re surrounded by those who don’t accept them for who they are, then they’re not the people they should associate with, there are millions of people out there who will embrace their mixed heritage.


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Why The “Pure White Race” Idea is Unlikely To Happen [Part II]

[Click here for Part I of this post]

The study carried out by Peter Fine of Florida Atlantic University (see previous post) proved one main thing: that many whites are of mixed heritage and don’t even know it. Imagine hypothetically if that 1/13 fact applied to the white population of the United States: less than 1/10 of them would actually be “purely white” while the rest [at least 200m people] would be annihilated, and that’s just in the US alone.

Although they reached their peak in the 1920s with about 6m members, the KKK now stands at less than 10,000 members. As extreme as they are as a terrorist group, it’s far from possible that they’d be able to wipe out such a large amount of people when they’d simply be outnumbered by less than half that amount.

Like mentioned at the beginning of this post, many white people are mixed with other races and don’t know it; this probably includes those in groups like the BNP and KKK who are all for white supremacy and constantly talk about there being a pure white race. For all they know they and their families could be examples of those people who they believe are in Hitler’s words bastarding the white race. They can’t just simply rely on what they look like or what family members tell them as it’s not enough. The only concrete evidence that could prove what their families told them is by taking a DNA test that breaks down their racial background.

When two white people of mixed background marry and have kids, their children will too become more mixed and complex in their heritage or in other words, become “less pure” or “Aryan”; and that’s something that can’t be helped. Like every other race, the white race already has a large percentage of people who have mixed ancestry, making it difficult to make or keep a race as something it isn’t. The only way that idea will happen is is millions of people die in some kind of mass genocide or massacre, or if those who were technically “pure” only had children within their families. Either way the results wouldn’t turn out well.

If the mass killing(s) were to take place, it would be stopped before “the job was done” as the people trying to do the killing would most probably be killed first. If the incest was to happen, the inbred children would mainly end up somehow physically disabled w/many health complications and die early.

So while the white race would technically be pure, they’d also be immensely unhealthy, meaning their offspring would die young, possibly marking the end of the human race (if the mass killings of everyone else were too to take place).

As said by Peter Fine [the professor who carried out the DNA testing]

‘I honestly think these tests could have a large effect on American consciousness of who we are. If Americans recognise themselves as a mixed group of people, that could really change things,

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Why The “Pure White Race” Idea is Unlikely To Happen [Part I]

[This is split into 2 Parts in order to avoid being over my 600 word limit]

Nick Griffin, Hitler and the KKK have a few things in common. While the obvious is that they are all extreme racists, another is that they all want there to be a pure white race. However, with history consisting of so many interracial rapes, marriages and relationships, in reality, this idea would be very difficult to carry out. Many people are mixed with other races.

With Black people, it’s not unusual to find traits of white ancestry most commonly due to interracial rape from the the slave trade. It’s because of past historical events (as well as mixing with other races from past interracial marriages) that we have various skin tones, hair textures and sometimes even eye colours.

With Hispanics, they’re well known for being mixed with mainly African, European and Native American ancestry, meaning they can vary from having white skin and blonde straight hair to dark skin with thick afro hair.

A lot of White people also have traits of African, Asian or Native American blood in them. However, due to such mixing not being highlighted as much in the white race, such traits are usually hidden in their ancestry. This means that many white people have no idea about their mixed racial identity.

Many batches of information have come out that prove this, one of the most recent examples can be  in an Art class Florida Atlantic University professor Peter Fine had with a group of his students. The idea was to create a piece of art work revolving around their racial identity. However, before creating the piece each student had to take a DNA test that would break down their racial background. He did this making a bet to them: that almost everyone in the class who defined themselves e.g as white would in fact, have no idea of what they actually were. When the results came back, it turned out he was right.

The term “white” is defined in Wikipedia as anyone who has solely European ancestry. However, out of the 13 students who had claimed themselves as “white”, the tests showed that only one of them was completely European. The rest had mixed African, Asian and Native American ancestry. The one black student who did the test discovered they were 20% white.  Even the professor himself, who considered himself white discovered that he was in fact 25% Native American, despite looking like what he described as a “corn-fed stereotype of a white Midwesterner“.


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Let Me Guess, You’re Against It Right?

Abortion has always been a heavy topic. It raises the idea of what’s ethical, and it is illegal in some countries or states and frowned upon in certain religions, especially in the Christian Church.

You’ll find it a very controversial topic in a country like the United States where some people [especially those from the Republican] feel very strongly about it. Before people like President Obama and Sonia Sotomayor were elected to their positions, they were heavily bombarded with abortion questions by the press and other political leaders.
A lot of emphasis has been put on how Christians oppose abortion and how it is one of the worst sins…therefore when people think of those against it, it’s not unusual if they think of the person as Christian.

The title of this post was a question someone asked me after they assumed that I was against it because of my religion, which wasn’t true. As someone of Christian faith, I would like to point out how the strong views you may hear about against abortion don’t necessarily apply to everyone that is Christian. I’m not sure about the US, but in the UK such views are only present  in the most extreme of Christians. For me, out of all the Christians I know in England, only a handful have such strong views on the subject.

I personally don’t think that making abortion illegal ANYWHERE will help. The amount of newborn babies will take a sharp increase, and in a time like this where some countries are in a Recession, it’s hard for people to find the money to provide for babies when they may not even be able to provide for themselves. While I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I do also believe that the anti abortion extremists out there don’t take everything into consideration when they say abortion should be banned. They get the idea that every woman who gets abortions are careless and they weren’t really thinking when they got pregnant…when that’s not always the case.

They seem to forget about incidents such as rape, where in America, it is said to happen to 1 in every 6 women [according to the Rape Abuse And Incest National Network]. What if those 1 in every 6 women got pregnant from that? Is it ok to deny them an abortion just because it’s “unethical”? If we want to talk about ethics here then why not talk about how unethical it is to make ANY woman live with a child that was conceived by the person who raped them. A person they’ll be reminded of each time they look at that child. Not just with rape, but why not talk about how unethical it is for a mother to tell their child that they didn’t want them and that they were a mistake?

That’s why I think banning abortion won’t help anything. If people really wanted to reduce the abortion rate then they should get to the root of the problem: contraception. By promoting more the use of condoms etc., less people are more likely to get pregnant, which also means less people are going to need to get abortions done, meaning that it won’t be necessary to make it illegal, as the rates won’t be as high.

It’s pretty simple once you think about it: More Condoms means Less Pregnancies therefore Less Abortions. That way everyone’s happy =)

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So He Smoked Weed…

Not so long after his achievement at the Beijing Olympics w/ 8 gold medals, this picture of Michael Phelps surfaced into the tabloids. It showed him smoking weed in a bong. It lead to a lot of controversy…you know people saying it was wrong, it’s illegal, he shouldn’t have done it, stuff like that…

What I don’t understand is why there are people out there who made it out to be such a big deal. I personally couldn’t care less about what Michael Phelps does or has done in his personal life because it’s his business. He [may have been] in the situation where it was offered to him. He’s human he has every right to try it if he wants to. Michael seems like a smart man, meaning he probably knows the risks of smoking it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s ok to smoke weed, I’m saying that it’s something that a lot of people do or have tried, so Michael shouldn’t be so heavily criticized for it just because he’s famous. He wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last person to smoke it.

Marijuana is a Class B drug. While it’s still a drug, it’s not the worst kind he could’ve been doing. There are celebrities [and maybe some athletes] out there who smoke crack, inject themselves with heroin, swallow ecstasy and snort cocaine (if not all four) as well as other things; so the people out there criticizing Michael for doing some weed should be doing the same to all those other celebrities doing worse.

He apologized for doing it, but in a way…I don’t think he should’ve. By saying sorry he’s only apologizing for making a mistake. While it’s good that he recognized he shouldn’t have done it, he was a college student at the time. College students always get up to stupid things at partys. Not just the ones at college, but everywhere else too…so why should Michael be ridiculed for his mistakes?

I understand that there are people who look up to him as an athlete, but think of it this way. The same thing if not worse could of been done by all the other “role models” out there, you just don’t know about it. The man’s only human give him a break!! I think that this picture only got out because someone he knew tried to make tons of money out of it and potentially ruin the man’s career. He may have succeeded in the money part…but Michael is still an Olympic gold medalist [14 to be exact] who holds 7 world records in swimming…shows you who your true friends are doesn’t it?

I’m going to end this with a quote:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

So if you can honestly say that you’ve made no mistakes or stupid decisions before, feel free to “cast all the stones” you want. Until then, leave people like Michael alone.

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Michael’s Dead Wtf?!

For anyone who’s watched TV, read a newspaper or listened to the radio recently would have heard ab Michael Jackson’s death on Thursday morning due to Cardiac arrest. Honestly, it hasn’t hit me yet. As stupid as it may sound, I’m still thinking that he’ll perform in London in July and I’m still wondering what his next album would sound like [as stupid as it sounds =/]. I know I’m speaking for alot of people when I say that not only will he be missed by his family and his friends, but also by all the fans he had across the globe.

Now I’ve watched a few videos and read a few articles about his death, and while they all are written by people that will miss him and are sad to know he’s dead, the comments for some of them are from people who STILL feel the need to criticize and say bad things about him for all the things he apparently did. Don’t these people have a heart? I don’t care what he was accused of or how bankrupt he may have been etc. It doesn’t change the fact that he was a LEGEND. For instance, with the whole child molestation thing; if he really did it, then why was he found innocent due to lack of evidence?!

Anyway, that isn’t the point [if anything, I’ll talk about that in another post], the point is, he will be missed by A LOT of people, me being one of them. And while he may be dead, is music, his dance moves, and the charity work he did lives on.

Rest In Peace Michael <3.

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Gay Marriage: Why Do People Care So Much?

It’s something that has caused alot of controversy worldwide, and something that has been a hot issue for people in the United States. In a place that is said to be a “free country”, why do governments in places like California suddenly deny such a right to certain groups of people? Why, in this day and age are there still people protesting for equalities? This isn’t the sixties when Black people were protesting for rights or when women were fighting to be just as equal as men. I really thought America out of all places had gotten past that.

But clearly not if gays and lesbians are fighting for the right to get married. The title for this post is “Why Do People Care So Much” because as far as I’m concernced, it shouldn’t be a problem. People in the US shouldn’t be worrying about something like this when they are living in a country in such an economic meltdown. People shouldn’t care so much about this, especially when they haven’t even met something who is gay, therefore it doesn’t even affect them to begin with. And people definitely shouldn’t bring their beliefs into it.

Here’s my message to those who are against gay marriage: I don’t care what country you’re from, what race you are or what religion you follow; that should not be you’re main excuse against gay marriage. When saying that for a reason, not only are you trying to hide behind it, but you’re generalising everyone else of that religion, race or nationality who all most probably don’t agree with you. Take me for instance, I was born and raised a Christian with very religious grandparents from the Carribean, so technically I should be just as ignorant and against it as you. But I’m not because, despite the fact my religion may not agree with it and being gay is illegal in one of my countries of origin, I don’t have a problem with gays getting married because I see them for what they are, and that’s human beings.

You may not judge people because of their race or gender etc., so why judge them based on their sexual orientation. Oh wait, because it’s considered a sin right? Let me ask you something, if God hates gays so much, then why did he put them on this earth? Why hasn’t he purposely created some kind of massacre to get rid of all of them so that they can, in your words “Burn in hell“? Maybe because despite what it says in the Bible that he didn’t write, it’s not actually a sin to be who you truly are. If we want to talk about sins and what it says in the Bible, let’s talk about divorce.

If you’re American, then you probably know the fact that 50% of all marriages in the US will end in divorce. And being in a country where 76% of the population is Christian, quite a few people getting divorced are most probably, you guessed it Christian. So if you’re married, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll be one of those “sinners”.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, you probably don’t even know anyone who is gay, so why put so much thought  into individuals you haven’t even met? What gives you the right to tell complete strangers that they can’t get married? That just shows that you are the ones with the problem and not them by putting so much hate into people you don’t even know.

There’s an old saying that says “love is blind”, meaning love has no race, religion, and in this case, it also has no gender. Like the comidienne Wanda Sykes said, if you want to keep marriage “sanctuary”, then instead of stopping other people from getting married, stop getting divorced.                                                                            So in other words if you want to ban anything to d5e927a4co with marriage then it should be divorce, since you want to keep marriage so “sanctuary” to begin with.

I’m going to end this with a video of Wanda Sykes talking about her views on gay marriage. What I like about this video is that she can still get her point across while still being funny. She’s not the only celebrity for gay rights, other people include Whoopi Goldberg, Blondie and even Cher. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video =).

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