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Gay Marriage: Why Do People Care So Much?

It’s something that has caused alot of controversy worldwide, and something that has been a hot issue for people in the United States. In a place that is said to be a “free country”, why do governments in places like California suddenly deny such a right to certain groups of people? Why, in this day and age are there still people protesting for equalities? This isn’t the sixties when Black people were protesting for rights or when women were fighting to be just as equal as men. I really thought America out of all places had gotten past that.

But clearly not if gays and lesbians are fighting for the right to get married. The title for this post is “Why Do People Care So Much” because as far as I’m concernced, it shouldn’t be a problem. People in the US shouldn’t be worrying about something like this when they are living in a country in such an economic meltdown. People shouldn’t care so much about this, especially when they haven’t even met something who is gay, therefore it doesn’t even affect them to begin with. And people definitely shouldn’t bring their beliefs into it.

Here’s my message to those who are against gay marriage: I don’t care what country you’re from, what race you are or what religion you follow; that should not be you’re main excuse against gay marriage. When saying that for a reason, not only are you trying to hide behind it, but you’re generalising everyone else of that religion, race or nationality who all most probably don’t agree with you. Take me for instance, I was born and raised a Christian with very religious grandparents from the Carribean, so technically I should be just as ignorant and against it as you. But I’m not because, despite the fact my religion may not agree with it and being gay is illegal in one of my countries of origin, I don’t have a problem with gays getting married because I see them for what they are, and that’s human beings.

You may not judge people because of their race or gender etc., so why judge them based on their sexual orientation. Oh wait, because it’s considered a sin right? Let me ask you something, if God hates gays so much, then why did he put them on this earth? Why hasn’t he purposely created some kind of massacre to get rid of all of them so that they can, in your words “Burn in hell“? Maybe because despite what it says in the Bible that he didn’t write, it’s not actually a sin to be who you truly are. If we want to talk about sins and what it says in the Bible, let’s talk about divorce.

If you’re American, then you probably know the fact that 50% of all marriages in the US will end in divorce. And being in a country where 76% of the population is Christian, quite a few people getting divorced are most probably, you guessed it Christian. So if you’re married, there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll be one of those “sinners”.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, you probably don’t even know anyone who is gay, so why put so much thought  into individuals you haven’t even met? What gives you the right to tell complete strangers that they can’t get married? That just shows that you are the ones with the problem and not them by putting so much hate into people you don’t even know.

There’s an old saying that says “love is blind”, meaning love has no race, religion, and in this case, it also has no gender. Like the comidienne Wanda Sykes said, if you want to keep marriage “sanctuary”, then instead of stopping other people from getting married, stop getting divorced.                                                                            So in other words if you want to ban anything to d5e927a4co with marriage then it should be divorce, since you want to keep marriage so “sanctuary” to begin with.

I’m going to end this with a video of Wanda Sykes talking about her views on gay marriage. What I like about this video is that she can still get her point across while still being funny. She’s not the only celebrity for gay rights, other people include Whoopi Goldberg, Blondie and even Cher. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video =).


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What’s “Love” Got To Do With It? (*originally written on 12th August 2009)

It seems that younger and younger teenagers (when I say younger teenagers, I talk about teenagers under the age of 16) seem to be falling in and out of “love”.
(Now before I say anything else, I just want to point out that me talking about this is in no way a “stab” or something like that against my school…I may or may not use a few examples of people from my school…but I’m talking about younger teenagers in general; so if anyone who goes to my school is reading this, try not to take it personally…)

Why I have put the word love in speech marks like that I’ll go on about later…but now…I want to focus on how and why younger teens are all of a sudden wanting to have this kind of commitment more often these days, and what they are doing…now the exact reason for this I don’t know, but I’ve seen it happen a lot before…and I still do. Whether it’s messages/wall posts to each other on social networking sites such as Bebo or Facebook, going on “dates” outside of school hours, or just a few hugs in the school corridors (if to name a few), more young teenagers (and even some 12 year olds) find the need to be “in a relationship” these days; now while some of it can be cute [to an extent], it can at times be taken as far as to wanting to have sex with the person you’re “in a relationship with” (well that’s what the case was [and still is] in the UK…I’m not sure about Switzerland)

Now I don’t know about you, but something about that just doesn’t seem right to me; while I’m not saying that teenagers shouldn’t even be attracted to each other like that  and shouldn’t “date” if they want to (if they feel they are ready for that sort of thing, that’s their personal choice), but the whole “love” thing to me seems to be taking it a bit too far. Think about it…at that age do we really know what love is? I don’t know…maybe doing things such as listening to certain songs from older artists about make ups, break ups and what not has given some of us the idea that maybe we do know what it is…Maybe because these usually grown up artists have these feelings about other people, it has led some of these younger teenagers to think that they too can have these feelings. . .to me, younger teenagers seem to be using the whole “I love you” term a bit too losely, I mean are they even sure that they really mean it?

And the issue about some 12 year olds going THAT far with each other…I’m just going to say this: THE MINIMUM AGE IS 16 FOR A REASON!!

It’s 16 because before people reach that age, a majority of people aren’t 100% ready for that sort of thing yet…not just physically, but mentally also. I’ll be 16 myself in just over a years time, and even when I am that age, I don’t even think I’ll be ready for that sort of thing then…so the thought of people at least 2-3 years younger than me doing that…well it kinda scares me a bit =S

Ok, that’s me done on that point…but what I’m trying to say is that young teenagers shouldn’t try to grow up too quickly trying to act more like an adult…because before you know it, you are an adult…and it’s likely that you might just look back and regret not enjoying life just being a child in the past…

I think it’s important that people just take those type of things slowly, because if you’re just doing it to try and prove yourself to other people or raise your “status” in the school that you’re in, than it’s not worth doing at all…the best thing you can be is yourself, why should anyone else matter when it comes to that?

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