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Being Biracial

Biracial is defined as someone who has parents from two races; for instance they may have a black mother and a white father, or an asian mother and a black father etc. [I’ll mainly be talking about those who are mixed with black and white, but there’ll also be mentions of other mixes]

People are used to being categorized as one race, and in a country like America, there has been rules to keep things that way; the most common being the One Drop Rule. It stated that if you were partially black (whether you’re 1/2, 1/4. 1/8 or even 1/16) you were still considered black. This meant that even if someone looked white but had a black great grandmother, they would be considered black and at the time, not be accepted by the white race [in America] It’s because of such rules that there have been constant debates on what to classify biracial people like Halle Berry, Lou Jing and Barack Obama.

As well as black people having various complexions, certain aspects can come out stronger from one parent, meaning biracial people vary in appearance. Believe it or not, the following people are all of the same mix (one black parent & one white parent):

Jael (ANTM contestant)    Emily King (Singer)

Charley Uchea                                     Slash (Musician)
(Big Brother UK Contestant)

Lenny Kravitz (Singer)              Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter)

As you can see, some of them look mixed while others only look black (Charley Uchea) or only look white (Jael or Rashida Jones). Although I’m not biracial myself, I know many people who are. While many of them embrace both of the races, just as many prefer one half of themselves, leading them to be ashamed of the other half if not deny it completely.

This could be for many reasons [not only with those I know, but generally], one is discrimination they face from friends and even family. Many within the black community automatically dislike them for stupid reasons; they assume that those who are biracial think they are better than them because their skin is lighter etc. when most of the time, that is not true.

Many within the white and Asian community don’t approve of biracial people, especially if they’re half black, and they’re not afraid to admit it. That’s how derogatory terms such as “half breed” developed (just look at what happened to Lou Jing)

Another reason is their perceptions of the denied race is based on either a bad experience or stereotypes. Say a biracial girl (black and white) was only in contact with the white side of her family and the only exposure to black people she had was the negative perceptions of us as rapists, gangsters, drug dealers etc. through the media. Not only could she deny her black side, but she may try and do anything she can when she’s older to not associate herself with black people, even if that means talking in a certain way, listening to a certain type of music, or even straightening her hair and bleaching her skin to look more white.

She may even be forced to deny one side. On the Tyra Banks show singer Kimberley Locke spoke about how in High School her black friends tried to make her choose one side of her as they believed she couldn’t be both black and white. Although she refused to choose between the two, that’s unfortunately not the case for many other biracial people in the same position. Many are proud of only one when they really should be proud of both. Being biracial doesn’t make them “dirty” or “unpure”, if anything it makes them more diverse and unique.
If they’re surrounded by those who don’t accept them for who they are, then they’re not the people they should associate with, there are millions of people out there who will embrace their mixed heritage.


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Let Me Guess, You’re Against It Right?

Abortion has always been a heavy topic. It raises the idea of what’s ethical, and it is illegal in some countries or states and frowned upon in certain religions, especially in the Christian Church.

You’ll find it a very controversial topic in a country like the United States where some people [especially those from the Republican] feel very strongly about it. Before people like President Obama and Sonia Sotomayor were elected to their positions, they were heavily bombarded with abortion questions by the press and other political leaders.
A lot of emphasis has been put on how Christians oppose abortion and how it is one of the worst sins…therefore when people think of those against it, it’s not unusual if they think of the person as Christian.

The title of this post was a question someone asked me after they assumed that I was against it because of my religion, which wasn’t true. As someone of Christian faith, I would like to point out how the strong views you may hear about against abortion don’t necessarily apply to everyone that is Christian. I’m not sure about the US, but in the UK such views are only present  in the most extreme of Christians. For me, out of all the Christians I know in England, only a handful have such strong views on the subject.

I personally don’t think that making abortion illegal ANYWHERE will help. The amount of newborn babies will take a sharp increase, and in a time like this where some countries are in a Recession, it’s hard for people to find the money to provide for babies when they may not even be able to provide for themselves. While I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I do also believe that the anti abortion extremists out there don’t take everything into consideration when they say abortion should be banned. They get the idea that every woman who gets abortions are careless and they weren’t really thinking when they got pregnant…when that’s not always the case.

They seem to forget about incidents such as rape, where in America, it is said to happen to 1 in every 6 women [according to the Rape Abuse And Incest National Network]. What if those 1 in every 6 women got pregnant from that? Is it ok to deny them an abortion just because it’s “unethical”? If we want to talk about ethics here then why not talk about how unethical it is to make ANY woman live with a child that was conceived by the person who raped them. A person they’ll be reminded of each time they look at that child. Not just with rape, but why not talk about how unethical it is for a mother to tell their child that they didn’t want them and that they were a mistake?

That’s why I think banning abortion won’t help anything. If people really wanted to reduce the abortion rate then they should get to the root of the problem: contraception. By promoting more the use of condoms etc., less people are more likely to get pregnant, which also means less people are going to need to get abortions done, meaning that it won’t be necessary to make it illegal, as the rates won’t be as high.

It’s pretty simple once you think about it: More Condoms means Less Pregnancies therefore Less Abortions. That way everyone’s happy =)

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So He Won A Nobel Prize….

A few days ago it was announced that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Obama. it was awarded to him for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” [in the words of the Norwegian Nobel Committee]. It was a surprise for everyone, even Obama himself. And although the news has only been out a few days. it’s causing a lot of controversy already…

Maybe one of the reasons is because he was nominated for it 12 days after being in the office (according to CNN). Some people are happy about it, while others think he didn’t deserve it. It’s even ticked some people off… a poll was done on Twitter that revealed only 37% thought he deserved it, while 54% believed he didn’t…9% were undecided.

I’m with the 9%. While I think it’s good that he got it, I see where some people are coming from when they say it’s too soon. Like I said before, he was nominated for it 12 days after officially being President, so there wasn’t really time for him to do any kind of serious actions. That and I don’t know much about his recent actions and whether they were good or bad decisions [haven’t been watching the news a lot these days =S], which is why I’m undecided on whether he should’ve got it, even Obama himself said that he didn’t feel he deserved it…

But whether he did or not, I’m happy for him. Wonder what the republicans have to say about it though….

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Obama: Give Him a Chance!!

He hasn’t even been doing the job for a year yet and already people are making their minds up about Barack Obama and how he’s

doing as the US President.

I’ve heard all sorts


He’s worse than Bush

He’s wasting money on the healthcare reform

He’s messed up the American economy

…to name a few. All of which have come from Americans I know in and outside of school.

While I do believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion…I do think that they’re has to be a good reason etc behind it. It seems that people are expecting the “Hope” and the “Change” and the “Progress” that Obama promised to just suddenly happen overnight…when it won’t. And now that it’s not happening straight away and he seems to be making a few slip ups, people are getting mad.

America’s economy was in a bad state a good fews years before Obama was considered to be the US President; so it’s probably going to take at least 2 or 3 years to try and fix it. Almost anyone outside of the US can tell you that the HealthCare plan in America has been messed up for a while. Obama’s current approach might not be the best one out there compared to other countries, but at least he’s trying to do something about it.

Now I’m not American [obviously]. And while I watch some American news Channels online, I’m not exposed as much to what Obama is doing as Americans are [obviously]. As I result, I don’t have an opinion about him and what he’s doing right now because there are a lot of things I don’t know. In other words, I’m not supporting him 100%, but at the same time I’m not against him.

But I will say this. You don’t have to be American to know that being the US President is a very difficult job. It’s something that only 43 other people have done, and as a result, almost all of us have no idea what it’s like to be in such a position. So it’s easy for us to sit there and make rash judgements…but like I said before, it hasn’t even been a year yet.

I’m not saying that every American has to like him, I’m just saying that they should give him a chance. The man’s not even halfway through his position as President…why not wait until then to make such a huge judgement?

So to any American reading this who is against Obama that much…just give it a go. Give it some time. If things are still as bad as you think two or 3 years from now, then you can say what you want. But who knows…things might have turned around completely by then for the better

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So Apparently I’m A Communist…

There are things I dislike about England as a country, one of those things is the Queen. When telling this to someone I know, they automatically labelled me a Communist, no questions asked. What annoyed me was how they didn’t even ask why I didn’t like her. They heard what I had to say, misunderstood it, then somewhat used

it against me. Why they called me a Communist I don’t know, but I think the term was miss-used. It makes just as much sense as calling every American person an Anarchist because they don’t like George Bush.

My dislike for the Queen is nothing personal, I don’t like any of today’s royal families full stop. In this day and age, I don’t think the need for any kind of royal family is necessary, especially when a Democratic approach is better off. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister has more power over the Queen…so why is she still around? Why does the UK even have a Queen these days?

Some may argue that she represents Great Britain, but the way I see it, all she does is live off other people’s taxes. To all British people out there: You see that pearl necklace she’s wearing? Some of your [or your parent’s] hard earned money probably went towards buying that.

Especially in this economic situation where money is going fast, it’s messed up that people are struggling to find jobs and earn [or keep] a sustainable salary while she sponges off that, living a life of luxury that she didn’t rightfully work for.

Earlier on in this post I said that I didn’t like the Queen or any other kind of royal family in the 21st century…I take that statement back. If anything I’m annoyed at them. I’m annoyed because some of them don’t seem to care about the well being of other people (I say some because I know some of them have done charity work etc…). If they did, they’d give up their extravagant lifestyles and put that money into somewhere where it’s needed instead of somewhere where it’s not. If you like the Queen that’s your choice, I have nothing against that, but as a British citizen, I shouldn’t feel that I have to like or support her just because she’s the Queen of England. Just like every American shouldn’t feel the need to like Obama just because he’s the President of the United States. I’m a human being living in a free country, so I have the right to like and support whoever I want. The Queen may be a representative of the British public to some, but she doesn’t represent me.

Remember, I do not hate the Queen. I just think it’s unfair that she [and the rest of the royal family] live a life of luxury they they don’t need or didn’t rightfully work for.

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He’s Done It :D…But Is America Ready For Him As A Whole? (originally written on 9th November 2008)

As we all know by know, Chicago Senator Barack Obama has been elected as the 44th President of the US. Now while this is great news for most people living in this country as well as other places, there are still a percentage of people out there who believe that Obama was the wrong choice and that McCain should’ve won instead… But why do exactly they think this? It is because he’ll raise taxes once in the White House, is it because he’s a Democrat and isn’t necessarily on the same page as them, or is it simply because he’s a man of colour?
The fact that Obama was more popular than McCain in the votes is a good thing, as it shows that those American citizens who voted for Obama no longer see race as an issue when it comes to who runs their country, it’s a sign that most Americans have moved on from the days in the 60s when there was extreme segregation in America amongst blacks and whites…But what about the others? What about the ones who have the same mindset that the average American had all those years ago?

While all McCain supporters aren’t racist, like I’ve said before, some people were supporting McCain just because his opponent (Obama) was black…and it seems like some of these supporters will do almost anything to get rid of Obama now that he’s won the election; even when it was just between him and Hillary Clinton, one or two men (or maybe more) were arrested and maybe even sentenced to prison, as they were making plots to kill Obama, plots a few of them tried to carry out before fortunately getting stopped. This is definitely a major problem Obama is facing, even with the secret service protecting him…because there are still Americans out there who don’t like seeing a black man in power, they’re scared to see such history being made in the 21st century, they’re scared to see change, a change that their country definitely needs.

In the US, black people have come so far as a race; from the days of separation in the 50s etc. and being told that we are worth nothing, to now in the 21st century having a black man running the White House and possibly being the most powerful man in the world; something that is telling the world that we are something and that we have overcome. Many non black Americans have come to accept this, however some still haven’t and choose not to move on from the old fashion ways. Now as time goes by, while this percentage of people will perhaps decrease, they will always be there whether we like it or not. They’ll always be people in America who will not like anything or anyone that’s different from them…which means that there will always be those few people in America that have a problem with Obama. But as long as there are those who support him all the way and his ideas, that will be a something that will keep the faith he has for America alive

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