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Gil Scott Heron’s Death (April 1949-May 2011)

Although many people have been saying that this is simply a rumour, it is in fact true that Gil Scott Heron passed away. He was more than just a musician. In addition Heron was a spoke word poet and author who used his music to get political messages across. His poetic style was one that influenced almost every type and sub genre of Hip Hop ever since his popularity, including those that are popular today.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform in concert not even a year ago last Summer, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Although he had a high association with black militant groups and was arrested on many occasions as a result, I did expect the crowd to be predominantly black. To my surprise the crown consisted of people of every colour, age and background; which just goes to show he was one of many influential artists who was able to bring everyone together with his music and the messages he portrayed.

One thing I’ve been reminded of from his death is to appreciate people while they are still here. One thing that surprised many about his death is that they didn’t expect it to come so soon (he was 62). So whether it’s a celebrity you admire, a family member, peer or close friend, let this be a reminder to you to appreciate those while they are still here. Don’t let it get too late and only realize the significance they had on your life until they’re gone.

For those who are familiar with Gil Scott Heron, you’ll understand what I mean when I say his legacy still lives on. For those who don’t, I suggest you use this an opportunity to listen to some of his songs, as there is a big chance that he had a huge influence on some of the artists you currently listen to. (e.g Kanye West, Common, Eminem)

Right now the circumstances under which he passed away are unknown, I will be sure to update this when I find out


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Why Are So Many Celebrities Dying?!

First it was MJ, then Farrah Fawcett, then Walter Kronkite, then DJ AM and now Steven Gately!!

Reports say his body was found yesterday at his hotel room in Majorca, so no details are out yet on how he died. I wasn’t the biggest fan of him or his music, but I did see him once in West End a while ago and thought he did really well as the lead role.

It turns out he was only 33 when he passed, to me that’s way too young.

While i know that everyone’s meant to have their “time” when they’re supposed to pass etc. I just believe that too many are going in such a short period of time. And while I know there’s no info on how Steven died, part of me believes that his death [as well as some others] could have been avoided.

I really hope another death doesn’t happen soon…too many have gone already.

I thought that I’d end this post on a lighter note, here’s a link to the latest South Park episode which takes on a more humerous side to the whole situation


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…What Happened? [The Overuse of Auto Tune]

There used to be a time when Hip Hop music was good. While [some of it] still is, it’s slow deteriation over the years have definitely not made it as good as the original stuff used to be. One aspect that has changed that is Auto Tune.

For those who don’t know what it is, Auto Tune is when an artist uses a program to make their voice sound electronic and some what robotic.

Though it has been used once or twice before by artists like the Scissor Sisters, it’s most common use today is by Hip Hop/Rap artists (if you can even call some ofthem artists). Just listen to any T-Pain song for an example.

At first, I didn’t mind it because it wasn’t used much in music. However now, it just annoys me. While T-Pain was one of the first to consistently use it, his music wasn’t always like that. Listen to one of the first songs he did like “I’m Sprung”. There you can hear his voice and what he sounds like as a “singer”‘; Now…all you hear are the computerized vocals that done in a studio.

Even singers like Jamie Foxx are using it  =(. Anyone who know’s Jamie Foxx’s singing would know that he doesn’t need that crap on his songs. The song “Blame It” is o-k, but isn’t that good compared to stuff on his last album. That being said, I’d rather see his music go downhill than his acting.

I’ve only liked one consistent use of Auto Tune…and that’s on Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak. It wasn’t as heavily electronic as other artists… so it came off in a decent way. Despite that, I still prefer his old stuff, and as far as i know, the whole AT thing isn’t permanent, he’s just taking a break from Rap music.

There’s nothing wrong with that, every artist has the right to try out something new. As long as he goes back to his College Drop out Late Regristration days I’m happy.

On a general note, not only is the AT thing getting used more, but it’s becoming pretty popular. What happened to GOOD music? What happened to liking an artist’s real voice that’s not computerized? What happened to ORIGINALITY?! Or are some “artists” just that desperate to sell records?

Jay Z did a song about the over use of AT called DOA [Death of Auto Tune]…and I agree with every word he says. The fact that this song is so popular is good…it’s a sign that people are realising that AT needs to stop being used so much [if not all together]. It’s a sign that people appreciate artists for their true voices. Most importantly…it’s a sign that people are sick of AT.

Even the American Rock band Death Cab for Cutie are campaigning to get it banned in music. To me, that’s one of many signs that it NEEDS TO STOP.

If artists in the music industry want to keep the quality of music [especially Hip Hop/Rap music] on the verge of decency and not “dying”….then one major step they need to do is get rid of Auto Tune.

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Michael’s Dead Wtf?!

For anyone who’s watched TV, read a newspaper or listened to the radio recently would have heard ab Michael Jackson’s death on Thursday morning due to Cardiac arrest. Honestly, it hasn’t hit me yet. As stupid as it may sound, I’m still thinking that he’ll perform in London in July and I’m still wondering what his next album would sound like [as stupid as it sounds =/]. I know I’m speaking for alot of people when I say that not only will he be missed by his family and his friends, but also by all the fans he had across the globe.

Now I’ve watched a few videos and read a few articles about his death, and while they all are written by people that will miss him and are sad to know he’s dead, the comments for some of them are from people who STILL feel the need to criticize and say bad things about him for all the things he apparently did. Don’t these people have a heart? I don’t care what he was accused of or how bankrupt he may have been etc. It doesn’t change the fact that he was a LEGEND. For instance, with the whole child molestation thing; if he really did it, then why was he found innocent due to lack of evidence?!

Anyway, that isn’t the point [if anything, I’ll talk about that in another post], the point is, he will be missed by A LOT of people, me being one of them. And while he may be dead, is music, his dance moves, and the charity work he did lives on.

Rest In Peace Michael <3.

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Another British Invasion? I Hope So (originally written on 14th December 2008)

After Alexandra Burke (pictured above) won the X Factor last night :D, it made me realise the high rise of strong female singers out there. For instance, there’s:

Duffy Adele

Leona Lewis Corinne Bailey Rae

Estelle Kate Nash,0.jpg&& Lily Allen (If To Name A Few…)

and guess what…they’re all British!!
Not only this, but they’ve all been highly successful in America as well as the UK during their first year(s) of being in the music industry…some already being nominated for Grammys!
Brits are clearly very popular in the US…and not just with singers either :). Think of models too for instance; the UK gave the modelling industry Twiggy, Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss! Not bad for such a small region in comparison to the US…

Anyway… back to the singers; most of the artists listed above have already gained high popularity with their music on their debut album alone. If this is what things are like for them now, imagine what they’ll be like once their 2nd or 3rd album comes out. Hopefully, none of them will go down the same road as Amy Winehouse (I hope she gets herself together eventually) when it comes to their personal life =/ …but so far so good =).

It won’t be long before Alexandra joins this lists of singers either…especially after performing a duet with Beyonce on the final show. Hopefully, she’ll get signed by the right label and be just as good and successful as someone like Leona…either way I won’t hesitate to buy her album when it comes out…until then, I’ll just have to stick to the one single she’s got out now =(.
But anyway…congratulations to her!! She’s proof that you should always try again when it comes to following your dreams; three years ago when she tried for the X Factor Louis turned her down after a few rounds..but then she came back, was mentored under someone else and won!! Must suck to be Louis right now.

And I agree with Simon Cowell when he said she makes you proud to be British…because she really does :D. And about JLS being second…that really doesn’t bother me because I know they’ll go far anyway and eventually get signed. For anyone who missed it, here’s the performance of Alexandra performing “Listen” with Beyonce..enjoy =).

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