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What Happens Then? (originally written on 11th November 2008)

Some people actually think that living the rich life is great, that it’s this amazing lifestyle that must be ALOT better than being middle class or even poor. Part of the reason some people think this is because of… you it: The Media.

With all these fictional and real life programs such as The Hills, The OC, Laguna Beach, Gossip Girl, My Super Sweet 16, or any more of that mindless crap they show on the TV, some people out there actually believe that the only way you can fun and actually enjoy life to the full, is if you’re rich… which people should generally KNOW isn’t true, because (though I haven’t experienced it), living the rich life isn’t THAT great (See my Money Money Money post for more on that).

With these over spoi rich girls (and boys) on programmes like My Super Sweet 16, who’s best friend is most likely their Mum or Dad’s credit card… do they ever think or wonder what will happen to them once they get out into the REAL world, where NOTHING is going to be handed to them on a plate and that for one of the first times in their life, their gonna have to get off their lazy arses and actually lift one of their “precious” manicured fingers and work? Let’s face it…they’re not always going to be under the thumb of their parents, they’re not always going to have things handed to them on a plate when they ask for it, or have others doing basic things for them.
Thankfully this doesn’t apply to all rich teenagers that age…after all, some of them do appreciate the fact that their parents worked hard to give them the things they have, and that it didn’t happen easy for them… and that it won’t happen easy for them either. For the others however, once they finally do get there into the real world, they’ll rely on others so much that they won’t go anywhere in the real world…either that or they’ll have to realise how things actually work (that’ll have to be done extremely quickly!)

Oh well…that’s what happens when you’re literally spoon fed everything you got your whole life, you pay the price for it later…and it will hit you, HARD.

One more thing…to those who think these people have a perfect life, don’t belive that for one second…they probably just use all that money and riches to cover up things.

Remember…”Money Can’t Buy You Happiness…


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Money Money Money…(originally posted on 22nd September 2009)

Maybe this topic isn’t new, maybe this has progressed over the years, but this obsession with money and the “status” it supposedly gives you has REALLY seemed to get out of control these days…
And it seems to be affecting quite a few people, whether it’s spoilt teenagers, some music artists out there, or maybe just people in this world with too much power and authority…

For instance, take the school that I’m at now. While there are tons of nice people there, you still get the occasional person who thinks just because of the amount of money they have and how rich they are, that somehow makes them better than people who don’t even have half the money that they or their family have. This is sad because, their parents actually brought them up thinking that was true, when its clearly not :S…

That doesn’t just relate to some people from my school, but people in general. But that being said, I’ve only met those few occasional people with that mind set…
But like I said before, not EVERYONE there is like that. I know people there that are probably part of one of the richest families in the school community; but they don’t show it. While it is true that they have lots of money, for them it doesn’t mean that all their clothes should consist of only expensive designer labels. Meeting people like them has helped me highlight the fact that not all rich people are show offs who feel that they have to portray their wealth to everyone hey know and see (not that I thought that before, but it just helps lower the stereotype of that…)

And while all rich people DON’T feel they are better than others because of their wealth, you still get those who feel that they have to tell everyone how rich they are and how much money they HAVE; a good example of people doing this are some rappers out there (only some).
Don’t get me wrong, I like Hip Hop and Rap music (well, not all of it), but if some songs in that genre just consist of the artist going on about how much money they have, how stinking rich they are and how they are “getting paper”, then I REALY don’t want to hear it; It’s probably because of artists like them, that the music quality of that genre has gotten worse over the last few years…not that I’m mentioning anyone in particular (**cough cough** 50 cent**).

Maybe if it wasn’t for programs like “Super Sweet 16”, then maybe (just maybe) this money obsession wouldn’t be so bad amongst teenagers. Anyone who’s watched that will know that the people on there are just TOO spoilt. I mean, what’s the point in spending so much money on all those unnecessary things?! You probably get some young people watching that thinking something like “They have such big expensive parties turning 16, so I must too when I reach that age”
Not that I’m saying everyone is that na├»ve and easlily influenced, but we all know what impact MTV has had on some people :/…

I can tell you now that if you got to the richest people out there in this wolrd an asked them if they were truly happy, not all of them would say yes; because once you take away the big house(s), the expensive cars, and anything else that their riches have given them, you’ll find that for some of them, there’s something missing in their life; something that all the money they own put together can’t buy them.

It really is true that money can’t buy you happiness, because there are people out there who live in one of the poorest countries, with little money and probably not much belongings, but are still probably happier than some of the richest people on this earth; that’s because they appreciate the little and important things in life, like life itself, or maybe the fact that they’re still here on this earth; it’s people like them who are truly happy…

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