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Gil Scott Heron’s Death (April 1949-May 2011)

Although many people have been saying that this is simply a rumour, it is in fact true that Gil Scott Heron passed away. He was more than just a musician. In addition Heron was a spoke word poet and author who used his music to get political messages across. His poetic style was one that influenced almost every type and sub genre of Hip Hop ever since his popularity, including those that are popular today.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform in concert not even a year ago last Summer, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Although he had a high association with black militant groups and was arrested on many occasions as a result, I did expect the crowd to be predominantly black. To my surprise the crown consisted of people of every colour, age and background; which just goes to show he was one of many influential artists who was able to bring everyone together with his music and the messages he portrayed.

One thing I’ve been reminded of from his death is to appreciate people while they are still here. One thing that surprised many about his death is that they didn’t expect it to come so soon (he was 62). So whether it’s a celebrity you admire, a family member, peer or close friend, let this be a reminder to you to appreciate those while they are still here. Don’t let it get too late and only realize the significance they had on your life until they’re gone.

For those who are familiar with Gil Scott Heron, you’ll understand what I mean when I say his legacy still lives on. For those who don’t, I suggest you use this an opportunity to listen to some of his songs, as there is a big chance that he had a huge influence on some of the artists you currently listen to. (e.g Kanye West, Common, Eminem)

Right now the circumstances under which he passed away are unknown, I will be sure to update this when I find out


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Help Haiti!!

Those who have paid attention to the news recently would be familiar with the earthquake that has taken place in the Caribbean country of Haiti yesterday on January 12th with a magnitude of 7.0.

Although the number of people who have died is unknown, the country’s priminister has estimated the number to be in it’s hundred’s of thousands. Many buildings [especially government ones] have been destroyed; it is also said that a large part of Port-au-Prince has been demolished, Red Cross has estimated that 3 million people in the country have been affected by the earthquake.

Right now, Haiti needs all the help it can get which is why people should donate and help in any other way they can. Organisations such as the Red Cross and Unicef are taking donations in order to help the victims of this earthquake. I understand that for many money is an issue right no due to economic difficulties, but a large donation is not necessary. Even if it’s something like $5 it will be largely appreciated.

Though I have never been to Haiti and I’m not Haitian myself, it’s important that they receive help, especially considering that millions are currently being affected by it. Though it’s likely that help will be received by countries like the US, it does not mean that others shouldn’t help, which is why I’m urging you to make some kind of donation.

Here are various links etc where you can donate:


Anyone in the USA can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti

A Link To Wyclef Jean’s [a Hatian Native] Twitter page. it contains many other ways to donate

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Why The “Pure White Race” Idea is Unlikely To Happen [Part II]

[Click here for Part I of this post]

The study carried out by Peter Fine of Florida Atlantic University (see previous post) proved one main thing: that many whites are of mixed heritage and don’t even know it. Imagine hypothetically if that 1/13 fact applied to the white population of the United States: less than 1/10 of them would actually be “purely white” while the rest [at least 200m people] would be annihilated, and that’s just in the US alone.

Although they reached their peak in the 1920s with about 6m members, the KKK now stands at less than 10,000 members. As extreme as they are as a terrorist group, it’s far from possible that they’d be able to wipe out such a large amount of people when they’d simply be outnumbered by less than half that amount.

Like mentioned at the beginning of this post, many white people are mixed with other races and don’t know it; this probably includes those in groups like the BNP and KKK who are all for white supremacy and constantly talk about there being a pure white race. For all they know they and their families could be examples of those people who they believe are in Hitler’s words bastarding the white race. They can’t just simply rely on what they look like or what family members tell them as it’s not enough. The only concrete evidence that could prove what their families told them is by taking a DNA test that breaks down their racial background.

When two white people of mixed background marry and have kids, their children will too become more mixed and complex in their heritage or in other words, become “less pure” or “Aryan”; and that’s something that can’t be helped. Like every other race, the white race already has a large percentage of people who have mixed ancestry, making it difficult to make or keep a race as something it isn’t. The only way that idea will happen is is millions of people die in some kind of mass genocide or massacre, or if those who were technically “pure” only had children within their families. Either way the results wouldn’t turn out well.

If the mass killing(s) were to take place, it would be stopped before “the job was done” as the people trying to do the killing would most probably be killed first. If the incest was to happen, the inbred children would mainly end up somehow physically disabled w/many health complications and die early.

So while the white race would technically be pure, they’d also be immensely unhealthy, meaning their offspring would die young, possibly marking the end of the human race (if the mass killings of everyone else were too to take place).

As said by Peter Fine [the professor who carried out the DNA testing]

‘I honestly think these tests could have a large effect on American consciousness of who we are. If Americans recognise themselves as a mixed group of people, that could really change things,

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Why The “Pure White Race” Idea is Unlikely To Happen [Part I]

[This is split into 2 Parts in order to avoid being over my 600 word limit]

Nick Griffin, Hitler and the KKK have a few things in common. While the obvious is that they are all extreme racists, another is that they all want there to be a pure white race. However, with history consisting of so many interracial rapes, marriages and relationships, in reality, this idea would be very difficult to carry out. Many people are mixed with other races.

With Black people, it’s not unusual to find traits of white ancestry most commonly due to interracial rape from the the slave trade. It’s because of past historical events (as well as mixing with other races from past interracial marriages) that we have various skin tones, hair textures and sometimes even eye colours.

With Hispanics, they’re well known for being mixed with mainly African, European and Native American ancestry, meaning they can vary from having white skin and blonde straight hair to dark skin with thick afro hair.

A lot of White people also have traits of African, Asian or Native American blood in them. However, due to such mixing not being highlighted as much in the white race, such traits are usually hidden in their ancestry. This means that many white people have no idea about their mixed racial identity.

Many batches of information have come out that prove this, one of the most recent examples can be  in an Art class Florida Atlantic University professor Peter Fine had with a group of his students. The idea was to create a piece of art work revolving around their racial identity. However, before creating the piece each student had to take a DNA test that would break down their racial background. He did this making a bet to them: that almost everyone in the class who defined themselves e.g as white would in fact, have no idea of what they actually were. When the results came back, it turned out he was right.

The term “white” is defined in Wikipedia as anyone who has solely European ancestry. However, out of the 13 students who had claimed themselves as “white”, the tests showed that only one of them was completely European. The rest had mixed African, Asian and Native American ancestry. The one black student who did the test discovered they were 20% white.  Even the professor himself, who considered himself white discovered that he was in fact 25% Native American, despite looking like what he described as a “corn-fed stereotype of a white Midwesterner“.


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BBC Question Time [Last Night]

Here’s the first part of last night’s Question time for anyone who missed it.

I’ll write a post about it later, but for now, I’ll leave you the video on how the BNP leader Nick Griffin made a prat of himself on National TV.

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Human Rights…Do We Take Them For Granted?

A few days ago I was told this story about a man in Afghanistan. It was around the time of the elections, and he was going around his local area telling people to vote  against the Taliban

[if you really have no idea about who they are and what they believe in, then read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseni…either that or just Google them].

It wasn’t long before they [The Taliban] found out, and as a result they kidnapped him, and didn’t release him before cutting off his nose and ears. When trying to get medical assistance, he only ended up being rejected, later on taking refuge at a friends house. When BBC News found him to report on it, he was still at the friends house, with no medical assistance.

To me that is beyond sick. It’s events like these that prove how corrupt and messed up the Taliban are. So what if the man tried to get people against them? That’s not a good enough reason to cut parts of his face off! With an organization like that, they should know that not everyone is going to support them whether they like it or not. Clearly they are too ignorant to see that, and try and change that by doing things like this.

As human beings living in “free countries”…a lot of us take advantage of the fact that we can say our views and opinions on things without there being any consequences. Whether it’s through debates, campaigns or maybe through blogging like me. It’s no secret that if I was Afghan for instance and said just one of the things I wrote on this blog, I’d end up just like the main mentioned before, [if not worse because I’m female].

A lot of us assume that the whole freedom of speech thing applies to almost everyone…when it doesn’t. It wasn’ t that long ago that I found out things like how you can’t research certain topics in Communist China because of it’s high controversy in the country. A lot of us aren’t grateful enough for the freedom we get. I didn’t think about it so much until hearing this story.

And after hearing that, I’m starting to be more appreciative about the freedom I do have opinion wise…& I suggest you do the same.

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So Apparently I’m A Communist…

There are things I dislike about England as a country, one of those things is the Queen. When telling this to someone I know, they automatically labelled me a Communist, no questions asked. What annoyed me was how they didn’t even ask why I didn’t like her. They heard what I had to say, misunderstood it, then somewhat used

it against me. Why they called me a Communist I don’t know, but I think the term was miss-used. It makes just as much sense as calling every American person an Anarchist because they don’t like George Bush.

My dislike for the Queen is nothing personal, I don’t like any of today’s royal families full stop. In this day and age, I don’t think the need for any kind of royal family is necessary, especially when a Democratic approach is better off. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister has more power over the Queen…so why is she still around? Why does the UK even have a Queen these days?

Some may argue that she represents Great Britain, but the way I see it, all she does is live off other people’s taxes. To all British people out there: You see that pearl necklace she’s wearing? Some of your [or your parent’s] hard earned money probably went towards buying that.

Especially in this economic situation where money is going fast, it’s messed up that people are struggling to find jobs and earn [or keep] a sustainable salary while she sponges off that, living a life of luxury that she didn’t rightfully work for.

Earlier on in this post I said that I didn’t like the Queen or any other kind of royal family in the 21st century…I take that statement back. If anything I’m annoyed at them. I’m annoyed because some of them don’t seem to care about the well being of other people (I say some because I know some of them have done charity work etc…). If they did, they’d give up their extravagant lifestyles and put that money into somewhere where it’s needed instead of somewhere where it’s not. If you like the Queen that’s your choice, I have nothing against that, but as a British citizen, I shouldn’t feel that I have to like or support her just because she’s the Queen of England. Just like every American shouldn’t feel the need to like Obama just because he’s the President of the United States. I’m a human being living in a free country, so I have the right to like and support whoever I want. The Queen may be a representative of the British public to some, but she doesn’t represent me.

Remember, I do not hate the Queen. I just think it’s unfair that she [and the rest of the royal family] live a life of luxury they they don’t need or didn’t rightfully work for.

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