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It Never Ends

Wherever you go, wherever they’re from and whatever they look like, people are pretty much the same wherever you go, especially when it  comes to things like trust, honesty and heated conflicts.

Trust because there are only a few people you’ll ever meet that you can actually trust. 
Unfortunately, a lot of people put too much trust in people who aren’t as reliable as they may think, meaning they tend to find this out the hard way. On top of that, it’s not necessarily in the nicest way; it’s not unusual for many to get hurt in the process.

Honesty because people will always lie to you.
There are so many two faced people out there where lying is a second nature to them. What’s sad about it is that at times people can put more trust into the liars rather than those few who are telling the truth. By the time people may realise this it’s probably too late, as by then, the liars may have somehow twisted and manipulated you.

Conflict because it tends to be the outcome of the two things mentioned above
Conflicts commonly spur from a lack of trust or honestly in between people. Though mainly verbal, they can sometimes get physical or more damaging [mentally or physically] as people get older.

Such conflicts are usually associated with high school. However when it comes to the work place, things aren’t that different.
many would think that people would grow out of it once becoming an adult, many simply don’t. They remain as the cold, bitter bitchy people that they were in high school and college who still form cliques and single out individuals they don’t like for whatever reason. They continue to bully, abuse and harass those who simply don’t deserve it.

So how can this be avoided?  That’s the issue it can’t. Wherever you go there will always be someone who has an of issue with you or someone you many know. While you may not be able to always get away from them, you don’t have to put up with it.


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Being Biracial

Biracial is defined as someone who has parents from two races; for instance they may have a black mother and a white father, or an asian mother and a black father etc. [I’ll mainly be talking about those who are mixed with black and white, but there’ll also be mentions of other mixes]

People are used to being categorized as one race, and in a country like America, there has been rules to keep things that way; the most common being the One Drop Rule. It stated that if you were partially black (whether you’re 1/2, 1/4. 1/8 or even 1/16) you were still considered black. This meant that even if someone looked white but had a black great grandmother, they would be considered black and at the time, not be accepted by the white race [in America] It’s because of such rules that there have been constant debates on what to classify biracial people like Halle Berry, Lou Jing and Barack Obama.

As well as black people having various complexions, certain aspects can come out stronger from one parent, meaning biracial people vary in appearance. Believe it or not, the following people are all of the same mix (one black parent & one white parent):

Jael (ANTM contestant)    Emily King (Singer)

Charley Uchea                                     Slash (Musician)
(Big Brother UK Contestant)

Lenny Kravitz (Singer)              Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter)

As you can see, some of them look mixed while others only look black (Charley Uchea) or only look white (Jael or Rashida Jones). Although I’m not biracial myself, I know many people who are. While many of them embrace both of the races, just as many prefer one half of themselves, leading them to be ashamed of the other half if not deny it completely.

This could be for many reasons [not only with those I know, but generally], one is discrimination they face from friends and even family. Many within the black community automatically dislike them for stupid reasons; they assume that those who are biracial think they are better than them because their skin is lighter etc. when most of the time, that is not true.

Many within the white and Asian community don’t approve of biracial people, especially if they’re half black, and they’re not afraid to admit it. That’s how derogatory terms such as “half breed” developed (just look at what happened to Lou Jing)

Another reason is their perceptions of the denied race is based on either a bad experience or stereotypes. Say a biracial girl (black and white) was only in contact with the white side of her family and the only exposure to black people she had was the negative perceptions of us as rapists, gangsters, drug dealers etc. through the media. Not only could she deny her black side, but she may try and do anything she can when she’s older to not associate herself with black people, even if that means talking in a certain way, listening to a certain type of music, or even straightening her hair and bleaching her skin to look more white.

She may even be forced to deny one side. On the Tyra Banks show singer Kimberley Locke spoke about how in High School her black friends tried to make her choose one side of her as they believed she couldn’t be both black and white. Although she refused to choose between the two, that’s unfortunately not the case for many other biracial people in the same position. Many are proud of only one when they really should be proud of both. Being biracial doesn’t make them “dirty” or “unpure”, if anything it makes them more diverse and unique.
If they’re surrounded by those who don’t accept them for who they are, then they’re not the people they should associate with, there are millions of people out there who will embrace their mixed heritage.

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Edward Cullen: He’s Not My Dream Boy [Jacob Black Neither]

There was a time when people thought of vampires as scary, cape wearing blood suckers that sleep in coffins and have garlic as a kryptonite. They were featured in many horror films, and caused people to fear them.
If you were to Google the term “vampire” in, an image like this would’ve come up

However, in the space of a few years, the most common type of image has changed from what you see above to well…this

If you don’t know that I’m talking about Twilight by now, then you must’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. Since the release of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series a few years ago, the sudden craze in this new kind of vampire has escalated. The love story between vampire Edward Cullen [I’ll put EC for short] and a human girl Bella has even been put up there with the likes of Romeo and Juliet. EC has made girls do things like write “I ❤ Edward Cullen” on their arms, refine new terms such as OCD [Obsessive Cullen Disorder] and even break up a few relationships, as some girls now feel the need to compare their boyfriends to thats it…a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. A good example can be seen in this FML quote:

Today my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like Edward. I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy of her Twilight book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML

Now I’m a fan of the Twilight Series, and was curious to see what the film would end up like. Once I did see it, I was disappointed. Let’s face it…despite how “hot” people think EC’s character was, the film was crap. It was a bad interpretation of Stephanie Meyer’s book, and I felt that any “love scenes” between Bella and EC were ruined and made corny in the film. Instead of getting into those “romantic”moments, I ended up laughing my head off because it was that cheesy, especially at that “brand of heroin” line [a lot of my Twilight obsessed friends agreed with me on that one]. I was expecting something more gorier, considering that the subjects was vampires. I know it had to be kept moderate for children, but come one, I’ve seen more gore and guts in Pirates of The Carribean…and that’s Disney.

Even reading the books, I can never really say I felt any attraction towards EC’s character. While I did like the sounds of Jacob Black in New Moon and Eclipse, those thoughts were ruined once I found out that Taylor Lautner was playing him. He’s not exactly ugly I know, but then again, I was expecting something better (No offense).
Speaking of New Moon [the sequel to Twilight], it’s out in a few days. Though I was a bit tempted at first to see what it would be like, I refuse to see yet another Twilight book get ruined through film.

To me…the whole Twilight epidemic [mostly the film] is a craze taken too far. It’s one thing for people to read the books, watch the films, get the merchandise and go through such fads in the same way people did with Harry Potter, however I think it becomes something else when people try to bring fantasy into reality. You saw the quote above from FML, more and more girls are dumping their boyfriends after comparing them to the likes of EC and Jacob Black…people who they will never find someone like because they don’t even exist. Someone comparing their boyfriend to EC makes as much sense to me as comparing them to Peter Pan.

While I feel sorry for the former boyfriends of these girls, I feel even sorrier for the one everyone’s now obsessed with: Robert Pattinson. I can’t remember where I read this, but in an interview he stated how even after all the success, he still has no luck with girls as they want “Edward”, not him =(.

There was a point when I didn’t understand how a human could fall in love with such a vampire…until I started to watch True Blood.

Like Twilight, the HBO series is based on a book series. As bloody and gory as it can be…for some reason I still can’t get enough of it. While I like the story lines in both, I feel that True Blood is better than Twilight (That’s as a film….I haven’t read the books based on it) and more interesting to watch. Maybe it has something to do with it being a series rather than a film. Maybe if Twilight wasn’t actually good then I wouldn’t prefer one over the other.

Just to get things straight, I don’t hate Twilight. I simply think the craze is being taken too far with some girls getting “OCD” and comparing real life people to a fictional character. While I don’t want to see New Moon, I still like the book.

This post is getting pretty long, so I’m going to end it here; but I will finish with this: To any girl who is comparing real life boys to a fictional character: wake up to reality. There is no way you will find someone more or just like “Edward”, because Edward is F-I-C-T-I-O-N-AL. When you’re older you’ll only look back and wonder why you wasted your time trying to find someone who isn’t real. Until then [this is quoted from a friend] “Good luck finding some dude to bite you

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Just Because Your Blonde (A Follow Up To Skinny Over Fat, Blonde Over Brunette…..)

Despite the title, ths post is aimed at all girls [or boys], of any race, shape, hair or eye colour who believe that they can get by in life solely based on the way they look

Just because you are treated well now in High School (or maybe even College) based on your appearance, don’t expect the same to happen once High School is over. Once you get out of school, people may treat you very differently from the way you are treated now.

While it’s true that we live in a society where if you look a certain way, you are more likely to receive certain privileges, that’s not always the case. Once you go out into the real world and need a job, you’re going to need qualifications. You’ll need some kind of masters or degree to get a decent job (depending on what you want to do). You’ll need something to show for yourself outside of your appearance…unless you want to be something like a model.

Even then, you can’t just rely on your looks. Anyone who watched Cycle 7 of America’s Next Top Mo [ANTM] will know who I’m talking about when I mention Jaeda Young.  During her auditions she openly admitted that during High School, she was considered “The Hot One”. She believed that one of the reasons she should be a model was because people in High School had constantly told her how pretty she was and how should be one. Jaeda made it into the the final 13, but when it came to makeovers, things changed. They decided to cut her hair short [like Halle Berry’s]. After getting it cut, it was all she’d complain about. She now felt ugly without her long hair and not longer felt like “The Hot One” like she was labelled in school. Like the judges kept telling her “just because you were considered one of the prettiest girls in High School, doesn’t mean that you’ll make a good model“. And they were right. While your appearence is important as a model, other things are important like potential, confidence, personality and most importantly, strong photos…something Jaeda didn’t have. Her photos eventually got weaker and weaker, and she was eliminated. She didn’t even make it to the semi finals.

However, that quote doesn’t just refer to her; it applies to anyone else who’s in the same position as in High School. The opposite also applies too: just because you weren’t considered one of the prettiest girls in High School, doesn’t mean that you won’t make a good model. Anyone who watched Cycle 3 of ANTM will remember that Eva Marcille (formerly known as Eva Pigford) won that Cycle. She wasn’t considered pretty at school and she wasn’t that popular…but she still won. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter what people at school thought of her, but the judges, and they saw a beautiful girl with potential, which is the main reason why she won.

The point is, it’s usually the people who aren’t as popular and who aren’t considered the most attractive that are the most succesful in life. They are the ones who become the executives, the wealthy businessmen and the CEOs. Look at someone like Bill Gates. His school life wasn’t exactly great, he wasn’t the most popular or the best looking boy in his class, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the chairman of Microsoft and being one of the wealthiest people in the WORLD.

Now I’m not saying that people who are popular and who are considered attractive can’t be successful, I’m saying that it’s more seen in the people who aren’t because their social life isn’t seen as more important than their school work. They have their priorities straight; they know that their main goal in school is to do well academically and not just socially.

So you may be popular now or considered pretty or even “hot”, but don’t get used to it. Not everyone you meet will think of you in the same way that people in your school think of you now. When employers look for people to hire, they will look past your appearance and see you for what you really are [so let’s hope that there’s more to you than your appearance]

And as for those who treat certain people in thier school badly, be careful what you do or say to them…they might just be your boss one day.

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Skinny Over “Fat”, Blondes Over Brunettes && Light Skin Over Dark…The Affect It Has

It happens in almost every high school; where there are those certain girls (and boys) who get more attention from others. They get treated better, they are the ones a lot of people like and get called pretty/hot; they are popular…because of the way they look.

It’s either the skinny blonde girls, or maybe even the light skinned ones with long curly hair and green eyes in the black/asian community. Though the features can vary depending on where you are, they are overall pretty much the same. These girzoe-saldana-1-0509-lgls [like stated before] are popular, get on well with more people, and are generally treated better by people in comparison to others, because of their appearance. They are put on a pedastool and are praised, get more attention from people [especially boys] and are always reminded of how pretty they look or how they are beautiful. They are the ones that people always want to be around.

To some of us, they are great, and outside of these certain girls (or boys) no one else matters. We feel the need/want to always be around and with them and [sometimes] give them our undivided attention.

Most of us treat people like this subconsciously. Some will never realize that they are favoring those girls over the rest based on their appearence. Some are aware of it and openly tell others [for example] that they’re not pretty or good enough because they don’t look like these girls. Some think about it a bit, but not too much because in their mind, that’s just the way things should be.

Whatever the thought is we are all guilty of it. I admit, though I never thought badly of dark skinned black girls etc… I used to treat blonde [white] or light skinned black/asian girls better than others because at that age (I was about 10-11), I was convinced that they were better, but I never knew why…. they just were.

Now I realise I thought that because of society. With almost everyone in the media having those features and being treated so well by others, society made me believe that’s what was right [look wise] above everything else. It made me think that in order to be accepted that’s what you had to look like. And while I didn’t wish to look like that myself, I felt the need to treat anyone who did better than everyone else.

Thankfully, I got out of that mindset and realised that while it could make things easier if you look like that in today’s world, you’ll still be accepted if you don’t. I also realized that those people aren’t always going to be treated like that, because not everyone will necessarily like them solely based on their looks [not everyone;s that shallow]. Also because like many things, their looks will fade, meaning so will the attention that came with it.

I could go further into this, [I think I’ll save that for another post], but I want to end it by saying that in this day and age where beauty comes in many different forms, colours and shapes, it’s our job as people to not favour the skinny green eyed blondes for instance over others. Though we many not have started it, it should be our priority to end it.

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There’s More To It Than That (originally written on 16th February 2009)

A lot of people think I dislike Abercrombie & Fitch because it’s American… when that’s not the case. Think about it, if it was just because it was American, then I wouldn’t own or like a lot of the things I have now.

I don’t even have anything against Americans, I don’t hate them, I don’t think badly of them and I definitely don’t look down on them; there’s just some things about the American culture, lifestyle that I don’t like or agree with, yet that applies to almost every other country/continent out there; there’s aspects I don’t like about France, Britain, China…and even Switzerland!! The list goes on. So for those who think I have some grudge against Americans… you’re wrong . Maybe you’ve chosen to only look at my posts on Americans etc. and nothing else; but then, that’s your problem not mine. I suggest you be more open in your options when you choose to read posts on here in the future….
I just wanted to clear that up, but anyway, back to the point.
Abercrombie is one of those “aspects” I don’t like about American culture/lifestyle.
Below are some examples of Abercrombie models
Correct me if I’m wrong…but isn’t Abercrombie & Fitch a CLOTHING company?! I don’t see the models above wearing as much as a necklace…
Oh wait….here’s a few
Even then, it’s just a pair of jeans, so does that even count?!
The aim of a company is MEANT to be to advertise their product(s) to the consumer, but the most these models have pictured above are just some jeans and a scarf between them!
While it’s true that “sex sells”, I think this is taking it a bit too far.
These ads may be alright for a Calvin Klein fragrance…but Abercrombie sell clothes, clothes that should be shown more often to their audience. After all, it IS possible for such a company to show the consumer more variations of the product (i.e with clothes on) while still promoting “sex appeal”
Some of you girls reading this may like these adverts shown above…but are you thinking about what this could tell someone?
Are you thinking about how it could make average men insecure about themselves?
Are you thinking about how such ads are making society question what masculinity actually is, in the same way certain ads make society question what beauty is for women?
Are you thinking about how could negatively impact continents outside of Europe and North America by undermining their cultural values?!
The answer is no. The truth is, you’re probably just focusing on their appearance and how “hot” they look. The truth is, when looking at such advertisments, you don’t think about how it can corrupt people and make them want to change into something they’ll probably never be. You don’t think about how it can lead to some men (even young boys) putting themselves at risk and drastically putting themselves in danger, just to get like these men you desire.
And for the boys looking at these ads who own a lot of Abercrombie…or perhaps look a bit like or have similar features to these models, you probably think you’re great don’t you? You’re probably think, because you could (note that I said could) be mistaken for one of these models by SOME , that you’re one of the best things to step foot on this earth and that any girl must be crazy NOT to be in love with you right?
Well let me bring you back to reality; not every girl out there is that shallow; a lot of girls want someone who isn’t a self centered prat who’d choke on their ego if their not careful…they want someone who actually has a personality behind all those “good looks”. I wonder if you tick that box…(surprise me and say you do :|)
I’m not saying this out of anger or spite, I’m saying it based on what I’ve seen people act like with my own two eyes. Whether it’s in school, on the streets…or even in America itself (not that much though, more in CH)
Like I said before, there’s more to my disliking of Abercrombie than people think.
I admit, I’ve said I hated it a few times, but that’s more to do with my hate of it’s representation than the actual clothes themselves. So I should really say I hate how Abercrombie portrays male stereotypes, how it’s lack of showing it’s products doesn’t stop it from being as popular as a company that does such as Gap of H&M, how it makes people think that they need to have it, and if they don’t….then there’s something wrong with them. How it can make some people care about nothing but labels, how it has clones of these models in their shops as nothing but objects for women and girls to pose with, and also how it has to potential to turn certain people into stuck up materialistic prats who look down on almost anyone who doesn’t own it (trust me, I’ve experienced that last one quite a bit)
….I really hope some of you think about the things I mentioned the next time you find yourself looking at one of these ads, or the next time you even see someone wearing it, whether it’s a friend, a stranger on the street…or even yourself.

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Doesn’t It Matter Anymore? (originally written on 30th November 2008)

I want to start this off with a question: when you get new friends, do you ever wonder why you liked that person in the first place? Is it because they’re funny, you have similar interests, or don’t you care about any of that…do you like them because of the way they look?!
Though some might not want to admit it, this is the first thing some people consider when it comes to choosing their friends or who they hang out with, they don’t put anything else into consideration. I can definitely say this (in a way) applies to people in the schools I’ve gone too.. and even the school I’m at now.

Now I could be talking about seniors in high school, I could be talking about people in my year (who knows?), I could even be talking about people younger than me (actually I’m not… I wouldn’t stoop that low) but I’m not talking about every single person in the school…thankfully not everyone thinks like this… but especially this school year, people have become more materialistic and shallow when it comes to choosing their friends and who they generally talk to. I can think of a few new people for instance… they’ve only been at the school for about I don’t know… 2-3 months, and they’re already part of this “in crowd”, they’re already known by half of the school, they’re already “BFFs” with people I’ve never been that close too, even if I’ve tried.

When seeing this, I see a pattern, because all these people that have fit in SO WELL just happen to have that look which is considered “attractive”, they all wear Abercrombie, Hollister or any other of those American brands… some of them are even stinking rich.
This can’t be fair on the other students of the school, the ones that have been there longer than them, some that have even been there for at least 5 years, the ones that have spent their whole time at the school TRYING to be accepted by these people, just for the new students to come along and fit in almost straight away!! Not only this but the fact that this is happening PROVES my theory (in a previous post on my previous blog) that you have to be either Swedish, blonde, skinny or speak a second language in order to properly fit in.

I look at some these new people, and how many people they all of a sudden know after a short space of time, and how some people are already in love with them and I wonder: If it wasn’t for their looks or how much money they have…would they be so popular right now??

The answer to that is probably no. The truth is, there are some people out there who will befriend anyone to get what they want; whether it’s something materialistic, connections, or maybe just popularity to up their status in school. Why is it only this year that people have started to become so shallow?! If someone was to ask you why you started talking to that person in the first place, do you know how bad it would sound if you came out with “It’s because he’s hot” or “Because she’s rich” or “Because they can get me into certain places”?!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel jealous of these people who have fit in so quickly, if I feel anything it’s pity, because half the time these people don’t realise WHY so many people began to like them in the first place… they haven’t figured out yet that it’s based on what they have and what they look like instead of who they truly are as a person. Some of them haven’t realised that they’re being USED. Unfortunately, some of them will never know. Some of them will never find this out because they’re too stuck in this other world… this world that will never be reality.

Let me ask you something…How would YOU feel if someone didn’t like you because of what you had (or didn’t have) and what you look like?? Wait…some of you would never understand that feeling would you?! Some of you are stuck in this fantasy world were everything is “perfect”, where you’re constantly surrounded by others and how it’s all about you.
Well I can tell you this, it’s not a nice feeling. For someone to judge you before they’ve even gotten to know you on a personal level is wrong, because they’ll NEVER know the real you.

These people who only like others materialistically and look wise…will they EVER know the real person underneath that?? Let’s face it, once you look past some of these people’s riches, their looks and all the things they have, you’ll find that some of them have as much personality as a Barbie you’d pick up at Toys ‘r’ Us. But then again, they’ll probably never look at them that deeply, because they don’t genuinely care for that person.

If being fully accepted into such a society means that I have to change my appearence, be rich or just wear Abercrombie & Fitch every other day, then I’d rather not be accepted. It’s times like these where I want to leave such a place and go somewhere else…but that being said, how do I know if people in another school/area don’t have the same judgements or mindset?? Only one way to find out…

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