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Gil Scott Heron’s Death (April 1949-May 2011)

Although many people have been saying that this is simply a rumour, it is in fact true that Gil Scott Heron passed away. He was more than just a musician. In addition Heron was a spoke word poet and author who used his music to get political messages across. His poetic style was one that influenced almost every type and sub genre of Hip Hop ever since his popularity, including those that are popular today.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform in concert not even a year ago last Summer, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Although he had a high association with black militant groups and was arrested on many occasions as a result, I did expect the crowd to be predominantly black. To my surprise the crown consisted of people of every colour, age and background; which just goes to show he was one of many influential artists who was able to bring everyone together with his music and the messages he portrayed.

One thing I’ve been reminded of from his death is to appreciate people while they are still here. One thing that surprised many about his death is that they didn’t expect it to come so soon (he was 62). So whether it’s a celebrity you admire, a family member, peer or close friend, let this be a reminder to you to appreciate those while they are still here. Don’t let it get too late and only realize the significance they had on your life until they’re gone.

For those who are familiar with Gil Scott Heron, you’ll understand what I mean when I say his legacy still lives on. For those who don’t, I suggest you use this an opportunity to listen to some of his songs, as there is a big chance that he had a huge influence on some of the artists you currently listen to. (e.g Kanye West, Common, Eminem)

Right now the circumstances under which he passed away are unknown, I will be sure to update this when I find out


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Being Biracial

Biracial is defined as someone who has parents from two races; for instance they may have a black mother and a white father, or an asian mother and a black father etc. [I’ll mainly be talking about those who are mixed with black and white, but there’ll also be mentions of other mixes]

People are used to being categorized as one race, and in a country like America, there has been rules to keep things that way; the most common being the One Drop Rule. It stated that if you were partially black (whether you’re 1/2, 1/4. 1/8 or even 1/16) you were still considered black. This meant that even if someone looked white but had a black great grandmother, they would be considered black and at the time, not be accepted by the white race [in America] It’s because of such rules that there have been constant debates on what to classify biracial people like Halle Berry, Lou Jing and Barack Obama.

As well as black people having various complexions, certain aspects can come out stronger from one parent, meaning biracial people vary in appearance. Believe it or not, the following people are all of the same mix (one black parent & one white parent):

Jael (ANTM contestant)    Emily King (Singer)

Charley Uchea                                     Slash (Musician)
(Big Brother UK Contestant)

Lenny Kravitz (Singer)              Rashida Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter)

As you can see, some of them look mixed while others only look black (Charley Uchea) or only look white (Jael or Rashida Jones). Although I’m not biracial myself, I know many people who are. While many of them embrace both of the races, just as many prefer one half of themselves, leading them to be ashamed of the other half if not deny it completely.

This could be for many reasons [not only with those I know, but generally], one is discrimination they face from friends and even family. Many within the black community automatically dislike them for stupid reasons; they assume that those who are biracial think they are better than them because their skin is lighter etc. when most of the time, that is not true.

Many within the white and Asian community don’t approve of biracial people, especially if they’re half black, and they’re not afraid to admit it. That’s how derogatory terms such as “half breed” developed (just look at what happened to Lou Jing)

Another reason is their perceptions of the denied race is based on either a bad experience or stereotypes. Say a biracial girl (black and white) was only in contact with the white side of her family and the only exposure to black people she had was the negative perceptions of us as rapists, gangsters, drug dealers etc. through the media. Not only could she deny her black side, but she may try and do anything she can when she’s older to not associate herself with black people, even if that means talking in a certain way, listening to a certain type of music, or even straightening her hair and bleaching her skin to look more white.

She may even be forced to deny one side. On the Tyra Banks show singer Kimberley Locke spoke about how in High School her black friends tried to make her choose one side of her as they believed she couldn’t be both black and white. Although she refused to choose between the two, that’s unfortunately not the case for many other biracial people in the same position. Many are proud of only one when they really should be proud of both. Being biracial doesn’t make them “dirty” or “unpure”, if anything it makes them more diverse and unique.
If they’re surrounded by those who don’t accept them for who they are, then they’re not the people they should associate with, there are millions of people out there who will embrace their mixed heritage.

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Addressing The Misconceptions of Vegetarianism

The following are general misconceptions or stereotypes about vegetarians. These are the main ones I know about, meaning there are probably more that won’t be addressed.

1. We don’t get enough protein
This seems to be one of the most common misconceptions about vegetarians.
The list of foods is too long for me to put on here w/o going over my word limit, so [click here] for the list. Meat may be an easy source of protein, but it isn’t the only source. Just like oranges aren’t the only source of Vitamin C. There are probably those who aren’t getting enough protein, however that’s down to a bad diet, it has nothing to do with the fact they are vegetarian. If you look at the list of foods containing protein, you’ll see that vegetarians have more than enough ways to get the amount they need. Whether they choose to eat those foods or not in the right quantities is up to the individual.

2. We are pale, weak, super skinny and malnutritioned
People’s body have a certain build due to things like metabolism or genetics, it has nothing to do with whether they do or don’t eat meat. People cut out a certain item of food rather than a whole food group when not eating meat, meaning that those who become vegetarians have pretty much the same body type they had when they ate it [unless they purposely gain or lose weight]. I personally haven’t become any skinnier, my weight has remained the same. This also applies to those that I’ve seen/known to also be vegetarian.

Those who are pale, weak, super skinny etc. are like that due to not eating much/any food at all. It’s not down to cutting out a single item of food.

3. People are only vegetarian for ethical purposes (In other words, we do it as we think it’s “wrong to kill animals for food”)

You’ll find more people doing it for health, environmental and religious purposes rather than to “save the animals”. Nevertheless, ethical reasons are still an important factor for many vegetarians. Alot of people just don’t feel comfortable eating meat after realizing how it got there

4. All we eat is salad
Vegetarians [including myself] aren’t necessarily big salad fans, meaning we don’t each it much if not at all. We’re vegetarians not rabbits

5. We eat fish. If we don’t, we are no longer vegetarian, but vegan
Meat is defined as flesh that comes from an animal, making fish another subgroup of meat, those who call themselves vegetarian but still eat fish are not vegetarian.
By definition, they are Pescatarians, something that has no relation to vegetarianism. Vegans don’t eat meat [including fish] AND animal products [dairy, eggs, honey etc.] while most vegetarians still do. Calling vegetarians vegans because they don’t eat fish just shows how little people generally know about vegetarianism.

6. We are generally unhealthy
We actually have lower risks of getting heart disease, high levels of cholesterol, blocked arteries or even certain types of cancer by not eating red meat and have lower risks of getting mercury poisoning by not eating canned tuna [to name a few], so if anything we are healthier than those who do eat meat as our risks of getting the things listed above are significantly lower.
Here’s a question to those who think eating meat’s healthier:
Why are millions of doctors ordering so many of their patients to lay off things like red meat if “it’s good for you”?

Vegetarians are more health conscious. We simply don’t care about “how good it tastes” because in the long run, we know it won’t benefit us. We realize that we’re contributing to a longer healthier life rather than possibly shortening it by something like a “sudden” heart attack

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Edward Cullen: He’s Not My Dream Boy [Jacob Black Neither]

There was a time when people thought of vampires as scary, cape wearing blood suckers that sleep in coffins and have garlic as a kryptonite. They were featured in many horror films, and caused people to fear them.
If you were to Google the term “vampire” in, an image like this would’ve come up

However, in the space of a few years, the most common type of image has changed from what you see above to well…this

If you don’t know that I’m talking about Twilight by now, then you must’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. Since the release of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series a few years ago, the sudden craze in this new kind of vampire has escalated. The love story between vampire Edward Cullen [I’ll put EC for short] and a human girl Bella has even been put up there with the likes of Romeo and Juliet. EC has made girls do things like write “I ❤ Edward Cullen” on their arms, refine new terms such as OCD [Obsessive Cullen Disorder] and even break up a few relationships, as some girls now feel the need to compare their boyfriends to thats it…a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. A good example can be seen in this FML quote:

Today my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like Edward. I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy of her Twilight book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML

Now I’m a fan of the Twilight Series, and was curious to see what the film would end up like. Once I did see it, I was disappointed. Let’s face it…despite how “hot” people think EC’s character was, the film was crap. It was a bad interpretation of Stephanie Meyer’s book, and I felt that any “love scenes” between Bella and EC were ruined and made corny in the film. Instead of getting into those “romantic”moments, I ended up laughing my head off because it was that cheesy, especially at that “brand of heroin” line [a lot of my Twilight obsessed friends agreed with me on that one]. I was expecting something more gorier, considering that the subjects was vampires. I know it had to be kept moderate for children, but come one, I’ve seen more gore and guts in Pirates of The Carribean…and that’s Disney.

Even reading the books, I can never really say I felt any attraction towards EC’s character. While I did like the sounds of Jacob Black in New Moon and Eclipse, those thoughts were ruined once I found out that Taylor Lautner was playing him. He’s not exactly ugly I know, but then again, I was expecting something better (No offense).
Speaking of New Moon [the sequel to Twilight], it’s out in a few days. Though I was a bit tempted at first to see what it would be like, I refuse to see yet another Twilight book get ruined through film.

To me…the whole Twilight epidemic [mostly the film] is a craze taken too far. It’s one thing for people to read the books, watch the films, get the merchandise and go through such fads in the same way people did with Harry Potter, however I think it becomes something else when people try to bring fantasy into reality. You saw the quote above from FML, more and more girls are dumping their boyfriends after comparing them to the likes of EC and Jacob Black…people who they will never find someone like because they don’t even exist. Someone comparing their boyfriend to EC makes as much sense to me as comparing them to Peter Pan.

While I feel sorry for the former boyfriends of these girls, I feel even sorrier for the one everyone’s now obsessed with: Robert Pattinson. I can’t remember where I read this, but in an interview he stated how even after all the success, he still has no luck with girls as they want “Edward”, not him =(.

There was a point when I didn’t understand how a human could fall in love with such a vampire…until I started to watch True Blood.

Like Twilight, the HBO series is based on a book series. As bloody and gory as it can be…for some reason I still can’t get enough of it. While I like the story lines in both, I feel that True Blood is better than Twilight (That’s as a film….I haven’t read the books based on it) and more interesting to watch. Maybe it has something to do with it being a series rather than a film. Maybe if Twilight wasn’t actually good then I wouldn’t prefer one over the other.

Just to get things straight, I don’t hate Twilight. I simply think the craze is being taken too far with some girls getting “OCD” and comparing real life people to a fictional character. While I don’t want to see New Moon, I still like the book.

This post is getting pretty long, so I’m going to end it here; but I will finish with this: To any girl who is comparing real life boys to a fictional character: wake up to reality. There is no way you will find someone more or just like “Edward”, because Edward is F-I-C-T-I-O-N-AL. When you’re older you’ll only look back and wonder why you wasted your time trying to find someone who isn’t real. Until then [this is quoted from a friend] “Good luck finding some dude to bite you

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Why Are So Many Celebrities Dying?!

First it was MJ, then Farrah Fawcett, then Walter Kronkite, then DJ AM and now Steven Gately!!

Reports say his body was found yesterday at his hotel room in Majorca, so no details are out yet on how he died. I wasn’t the biggest fan of him or his music, but I did see him once in West End a while ago and thought he did really well as the lead role.

It turns out he was only 33 when he passed, to me that’s way too young.

While i know that everyone’s meant to have their “time” when they’re supposed to pass etc. I just believe that too many are going in such a short period of time. And while I know there’s no info on how Steven died, part of me believes that his death [as well as some others] could have been avoided.

I really hope another death doesn’t happen soon…too many have gone already.

I thought that I’d end this post on a lighter note, here’s a link to the latest South Park episode which takes on a more humerous side to the whole situation


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So He Smoked Weed…

Not so long after his achievement at the Beijing Olympics w/ 8 gold medals, this picture of Michael Phelps surfaced into the tabloids. It showed him smoking weed in a bong. It lead to a lot of controversy…you know people saying it was wrong, it’s illegal, he shouldn’t have done it, stuff like that…

What I don’t understand is why there are people out there who made it out to be such a big deal. I personally couldn’t care less about what Michael Phelps does or has done in his personal life because it’s his business. He [may have been] in the situation where it was offered to him. He’s human he has every right to try it if he wants to. Michael seems like a smart man, meaning he probably knows the risks of smoking it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s ok to smoke weed, I’m saying that it’s something that a lot of people do or have tried, so Michael shouldn’t be so heavily criticized for it just because he’s famous. He wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last person to smoke it.

Marijuana is a Class B drug. While it’s still a drug, it’s not the worst kind he could’ve been doing. There are celebrities [and maybe some athletes] out there who smoke crack, inject themselves with heroin, swallow ecstasy and snort cocaine (if not all four) as well as other things; so the people out there criticizing Michael for doing some weed should be doing the same to all those other celebrities doing worse.

He apologized for doing it, but in a way…I don’t think he should’ve. By saying sorry he’s only apologizing for making a mistake. While it’s good that he recognized he shouldn’t have done it, he was a college student at the time. College students always get up to stupid things at partys. Not just the ones at college, but everywhere else too…so why should Michael be ridiculed for his mistakes?

I understand that there are people who look up to him as an athlete, but think of it this way. The same thing if not worse could of been done by all the other “role models” out there, you just don’t know about it. The man’s only human give him a break!! I think that this picture only got out because someone he knew tried to make tons of money out of it and potentially ruin the man’s career. He may have succeeded in the money part…but Michael is still an Olympic gold medalist [14 to be exact] who holds 7 world records in swimming…shows you who your true friends are doesn’t it?

I’m going to end this with a quote:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

So if you can honestly say that you’ve made no mistakes or stupid decisions before, feel free to “cast all the stones” you want. Until then, leave people like Michael alone.

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