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Why The “Pure White Race” Idea is Unlikely To Happen [Part I]

[This is split into 2 Parts in order to avoid being over my 600 word limit]

Nick Griffin, Hitler and the KKK have a few things in common. While the obvious is that they are all extreme racists, another is that they all want there to be a pure white race. However, with history consisting of so many interracial rapes, marriages and relationships, in reality, this idea would be very difficult to carry out. Many people are mixed with other races.

With Black people, it’s not unusual to find traits of white ancestry most commonly due to interracial rape from the the slave trade. It’s because of past historical events (as well as mixing with other races from past interracial marriages) that we have various skin tones, hair textures and sometimes even eye colours.

With Hispanics, they’re well known for being mixed with mainly African, European and Native American ancestry, meaning they can vary from having white skin and blonde straight hair to dark skin with thick afro hair.

A lot of White people also have traits of African, Asian or Native American blood in them. However, due to such mixing not being highlighted as much in the white race, such traits are usually hidden in their ancestry. This means that many white people have no idea about their mixed racial identity.

Many batches of information have come out that prove this, one of the most recent examples can be  in an Art class Florida Atlantic University professor Peter Fine had with a group of his students. The idea was to create a piece of art work revolving around their racial identity. However, before creating the piece each student had to take a DNA test that would break down their racial background. He did this making a bet to them: that almost everyone in the class who defined themselves e.g as white would in fact, have no idea of what they actually were. When the results came back, it turned out he was right.

The term “white” is defined in Wikipedia as anyone who has solely European ancestry. However, out of the 13 students who had claimed themselves as “white”, the tests showed that only one of them was completely European. The rest had mixed African, Asian and Native American ancestry. The one black student who did the test discovered they were 20% white.  Even the professor himself, who considered himself white discovered that he was in fact 25% Native American, despite looking like what he described as a “corn-fed stereotype of a white Midwesterner“.



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How Christmas has Changed Over The Years

This article was originally written for my school newspaper, so it’s longer than my normal ones

Being the 18th of December can only mean one thing…CHRISTMAS IS A WEEK AWAY!! This time of year usually means one thing for the most of us, buying the right presents, spending time with relatives and well, getting stuffed of course =). But what does Christmas mean these days? Do people see it as a chance to see relatives, or is it really just about the presents? How did people celebrate it in the past?

As most of us know, Christmas was originally celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus (even though he technically wasn’t born in that month, it was more around September). The word comes from the compound Cristemaesse, which translates to “Christ’s Mass” or “Mass of Christ”. It’s celebrated by Christians in many ways; the most common being a Nativity play, which retells the story of Jesus’ birth. It’s made up of Mary, Joseph, Three Kings, shepherds and random farm animals like donkeys and sheep, all happening in a barn with nothing but Jesus’ crib and a tone of straw.

Until a few years ago, I went to Catholic schools all my life, so I’ve done at least 4 or 5 Nativity plays in primary (One of my earliest memories was being a shepherd in Reception) so the whole nativity idea is normal to me like millions of other Christians.

Despite this, people have still made a few attempts in the past to make sure it wasn’t celebrated. Whether it was Oliver Cromwell and his Puritans cancelling of Christmas in 18th century England [according to HISTORY.COM], or pilgrims outlawing Christmas in Boston, a lot of extremist groups have wanted to abolish Christmas. The Puritans even put a fine on anyone found celebrating Christmas. Fortunately, these ideas failed miserably, this one you might not know about.

It turns out that during his dictatorship, Hitler literally tried to take the Christ out of Christmas. With Anti-Semitic carols and toy grenades hanging from trees, A Nazi Christmas wouldn’t be complete without glittering swastikas (…of course). He even replaced the star on Christmas trees with a sun, just in case people would get it confused with the Star of David. Though Hitler tried to weaken the power of the church, it didn’t work; neither did his aim of Nazi Christmas dominating the world].

Around the same time of those failed attempts, Charles Dickens created the tale Scrooge or a Christmas Carol, which as you probably know, is all about the importance of giving to others. It was a hit in England and America and showed some people the benefits of celebrating it. The focus was less on baby Jesus and more on general goodwill to humans. This eventually evolved into families splashing on presents for their kids without looking like they were being spoiled. (That probably explains why so many of us cared about presents when we were little) Aspects like these became part of modern day Christmas traditions that we are familiar with today.

Christmas became more commercialized soon afterwards; with Christmas now, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I mention people rushing to the shops to get those last few gifts for the family. Jesus was no longer the only figure associated with Christmas; the other one became the bearer of all gifts, Father Christmas, or Santa.

As popular as these factors are today, they don’t have a connection to everyone. Many people follow religions like Judaism, Islam or Jehovah’s Witness, so they don’t celebrate or even recognize Christmas. If people in America use the term Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas to respect that, shouldn’t more be done for people of those beliefs? If the Swiss were allowed to vote against minarets in case they “spread the influence of Islam”, should the same technically be done for Christmas in case it “spreads the influence of Christianity”?

Even for those who celebrate Christmas, originally Santa didn’t have a connection to kids or even gift bearing. On top of that, we all know he’s not real, so is it fair to associate him with Christmas when he doesn’t appeal to all kids? Is it right to make them believe in something that has no connection to the real meaning of Christmas? Is he there to up their spirits about the holiday or to make them more materialistic so that big corporate companies make more money?

I’m not saying that it should be cancelled; I just think that the commercialism should be toned down a bit. Even as someone who celebrates Christmas, I personally don’t want to be bombarded with endless ads of unnecessary things like a singing reindeer or tacky decorations.

Nevertheless, Christmas has come a long way. It’s gone from being completely banned to becoming a holiday that’s recognized almost worldwide. Although it’s originally about the birth of Jesus, even those who don’t believe in him have their own way of celebrating. While some still believe in the pagan ideas of the 17th century, thankfully it’s not enough for the influence to be spread worldwide. As commercialized and materialistic as it can be, the true meaning of Christmas hasn’t been forgotten. Each year millions of Christians celebrate his birth at the same time millions of kids patiently wait with milk and biscuits for Father Christmas to give them their gifts, even though he’ll never come (…I wonder how their parents will break it to them).

Personally, my parents didn’t have to tell me he wasn’t real. The older I got, the more I got freaked out by the idea of a fat, middle aged white man in a red suit coming into my house when I was sleeping.

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The Proof Is In The Pudding

After writing the “OMG White Beauty!!” post a while ago, a had a few people thinking that such things going on in certain minorities didn’t happen. They didn’t feel that the things I went into brief detail of was “hard evidence” that these things went on
….Well here’s the hard evidence. This Channel 4 Documentary focuses on people from various ethnic groups trying to look more whiter in appearence, as they feel it is more attractive and more acceptable. However it’s not just media based. If you watch the video you’ll see them explain other things that have happened to them in the past [and even now] that make them want to Westernize their appearence.
By watching this, I hope that people try to stop it rather than encourage this kind of thing to carry on.

Remember, the media’s idea of beauty does NOT correspond with my own. [i.e light skin, light eyes, long hair etc].
I do not wish to be white or look more Western in appearance because that’s not the way I naturally am.
As insecure as I can be, it has NO RELATION to my race. Out of all the things I’ll be unhappy about appearance wise, that will not be one of them.

While I think there is nothing wrong with those features, I don’t think it defines beauty as a whole. Yes that can be beautiful too, but beauty comes in every colour, race, hair texture, eye shape, body shape etc. I just wish the people in this documentary could realise that and love themselves the way they naturally are.

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Let Me Guess, You’re Against It Right?

Abortion has always been a heavy topic. It raises the idea of what’s ethical, and it is illegal in some countries or states and frowned upon in certain religions, especially in the Christian Church.

You’ll find it a very controversial topic in a country like the United States where some people [especially those from the Republican] feel very strongly about it. Before people like President Obama and Sonia Sotomayor were elected to their positions, they were heavily bombarded with abortion questions by the press and other political leaders.
A lot of emphasis has been put on how Christians oppose abortion and how it is one of the worst sins…therefore when people think of those against it, it’s not unusual if they think of the person as Christian.

The title of this post was a question someone asked me after they assumed that I was against it because of my religion, which wasn’t true. As someone of Christian faith, I would like to point out how the strong views you may hear about against abortion don’t necessarily apply to everyone that is Christian. I’m not sure about the US, but in the UK such views are only present  in the most extreme of Christians. For me, out of all the Christians I know in England, only a handful have such strong views on the subject.

I personally don’t think that making abortion illegal ANYWHERE will help. The amount of newborn babies will take a sharp increase, and in a time like this where some countries are in a Recession, it’s hard for people to find the money to provide for babies when they may not even be able to provide for themselves. While I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I do also believe that the anti abortion extremists out there don’t take everything into consideration when they say abortion should be banned. They get the idea that every woman who gets abortions are careless and they weren’t really thinking when they got pregnant…when that’s not always the case.

They seem to forget about incidents such as rape, where in America, it is said to happen to 1 in every 6 women [according to the Rape Abuse And Incest National Network]. What if those 1 in every 6 women got pregnant from that? Is it ok to deny them an abortion just because it’s “unethical”? If we want to talk about ethics here then why not talk about how unethical it is to make ANY woman live with a child that was conceived by the person who raped them. A person they’ll be reminded of each time they look at that child. Not just with rape, but why not talk about how unethical it is for a mother to tell their child that they didn’t want them and that they were a mistake?

That’s why I think banning abortion won’t help anything. If people really wanted to reduce the abortion rate then they should get to the root of the problem: contraception. By promoting more the use of condoms etc., less people are more likely to get pregnant, which also means less people are going to need to get abortions done, meaning that it won’t be necessary to make it illegal, as the rates won’t be as high.

It’s pretty simple once you think about it: More Condoms means Less Pregnancies therefore Less Abortions. That way everyone’s happy =)

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BBC Question Time [Last Night]

Here’s the first part of last night’s Question time for anyone who missed it.

I’ll write a post about it later, but for now, I’ll leave you the video on how the BNP leader Nick Griffin made a prat of himself on National TV.

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So Apparently I’m A Communist…

There are things I dislike about England as a country, one of those things is the Queen. When telling this to someone I know, they automatically labelled me a Communist, no questions asked. What annoyed me was how they didn’t even ask why I didn’t like her. They heard what I had to say, misunderstood it, then somewhat used

it against me. Why they called me a Communist I don’t know, but I think the term was miss-used. It makes just as much sense as calling every American person an Anarchist because they don’t like George Bush.

My dislike for the Queen is nothing personal, I don’t like any of today’s royal families full stop. In this day and age, I don’t think the need for any kind of royal family is necessary, especially when a Democratic approach is better off. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister has more power over the Queen…so why is she still around? Why does the UK even have a Queen these days?

Some may argue that she represents Great Britain, but the way I see it, all she does is live off other people’s taxes. To all British people out there: You see that pearl necklace she’s wearing? Some of your [or your parent’s] hard earned money probably went towards buying that.

Especially in this economic situation where money is going fast, it’s messed up that people are struggling to find jobs and earn [or keep] a sustainable salary while she sponges off that, living a life of luxury that she didn’t rightfully work for.

Earlier on in this post I said that I didn’t like the Queen or any other kind of royal family in the 21st century…I take that statement back. If anything I’m annoyed at them. I’m annoyed because some of them don’t seem to care about the well being of other people (I say some because I know some of them have done charity work etc…). If they did, they’d give up their extravagant lifestyles and put that money into somewhere where it’s needed instead of somewhere where it’s not. If you like the Queen that’s your choice, I have nothing against that, but as a British citizen, I shouldn’t feel that I have to like or support her just because she’s the Queen of England. Just like every American shouldn’t feel the need to like Obama just because he’s the President of the United States. I’m a human being living in a free country, so I have the right to like and support whoever I want. The Queen may be a representative of the British public to some, but she doesn’t represent me.

Remember, I do not hate the Queen. I just think it’s unfair that she [and the rest of the royal family] live a life of luxury they they don’t need or didn’t rightfully work for.

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Another British Invasion? I Hope So (originally written on 14th December 2008)

After Alexandra Burke (pictured above) won the X Factor last night :D, it made me realise the high rise of strong female singers out there. For instance, there’s:

Duffy Adele

Leona Lewis Corinne Bailey Rae

Estelle Kate Nash,0.jpg&& Lily Allen (If To Name A Few…)

and guess what…they’re all British!!
Not only this, but they’ve all been highly successful in America as well as the UK during their first year(s) of being in the music industry…some already being nominated for Grammys!
Brits are clearly very popular in the US…and not just with singers either :). Think of models too for instance; the UK gave the modelling industry Twiggy, Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss! Not bad for such a small region in comparison to the US…

Anyway… back to the singers; most of the artists listed above have already gained high popularity with their music on their debut album alone. If this is what things are like for them now, imagine what they’ll be like once their 2nd or 3rd album comes out. Hopefully, none of them will go down the same road as Amy Winehouse (I hope she gets herself together eventually) when it comes to their personal life =/ …but so far so good =).

It won’t be long before Alexandra joins this lists of singers either…especially after performing a duet with Beyonce on the final show. Hopefully, she’ll get signed by the right label and be just as good and successful as someone like Leona…either way I won’t hesitate to buy her album when it comes out…until then, I’ll just have to stick to the one single she’s got out now =(.
But anyway…congratulations to her!! She’s proof that you should always try again when it comes to following your dreams; three years ago when she tried for the X Factor Louis turned her down after a few rounds..but then she came back, was mentored under someone else and won!! Must suck to be Louis right now.

And I agree with Simon Cowell when he said she makes you proud to be British…because she really does :D. And about JLS being second…that really doesn’t bother me because I know they’ll go far anyway and eventually get signed. For anyone who missed it, here’s the performance of Alexandra performing “Listen” with Beyonce..enjoy =).

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