About Her: Billie Walker

Billie Walker is my pen name, my real name’s Portia.

I use this blog to write my thoughts and views on various things like current events, things I notice in schools I’ve been to, or my favourite, those controversial topics people aren’t so open about =)…so basically anything I want. You may agree with what I say, you may not agree with what I say. You might like it, you might not. You could be just offended…

I have a tendency to write posts on what I think at that certain moment, meaning my view on that topic could change. If so I will state in a new post. Whether you agree with what I say or not is your choice, but I suggest that if what I say bothers you, then don’t go on here any more. I don’t do this for attention, I do this as a way to express my opinions while still practicing my writing skills.

Whether you choose to go on here regularly or not is completely up to you. While I appreciate comments, all I want are your views and opinions, so if you’ve just come on here to say hateful things about me or anyone else based on things like appearance, personality, or simply just because you “don’t like the blog”, then you are on here for the wrong reasons. I’m not asking you to like what I say, just try and see where I’m coming from.

I originally started Billie Walker on blogspot, but I felt like a change…http://billiewalker.blogspot.com/ Feel free to go on it, but I don’t write on it anymore. All my latest posts will appear on here.


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