Why Are So Many Celebrities Dying?!

October 11, 2009 at 11:04 am Leave a comment

First it was MJ, then Farrah Fawcett, then Walter Kronkite, then DJ AM and now Steven Gately!!

Reports say his body was found yesterday at his hotel room in Majorca, so no details are out yet on how he died. I wasn’t the biggest fan of him or his music, but I did see him once in West End a while ago and thought he did really well as the lead role.

It turns out he was only 33 when he passed, to me that’s way too young.

While i know that everyone’s meant to have their “time” when they’re supposed to pass etc. I just believe that too many are going in such a short period of time. And while I know there’s no info on how Steven died, part of me believes that his death [as well as some others] could have been avoided.

I really hope another death doesn’t happen soon…too many have gone already.

I thought that I’d end this post on a lighter note, here’s a link to the latest South Park episode which takes on a more humerous side to the whole situation

Enjoy http://www.xepisodes.com/southpark/episodes/1308/Dead-Celebrities.html


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