Human Rights…Do We Take Them For Granted?

September 2, 2009 at 9:12 pm Leave a comment

A few days ago I was told this story about a man in Afghanistan. It was around the time of the elections, and he was going around his local area telling people to vote  against the Taliban

[if you really have no idea about who they are and what they believe in, then read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseni…either that or just Google them].

It wasn’t long before they [The Taliban] found out, and as a result they kidnapped him, and didn’t release him before cutting off his nose and ears. When trying to get medical assistance, he only ended up being rejected, later on taking refuge at a friends house. When BBC News found him to report on it, he was still at the friends house, with no medical assistance.

To me that is beyond sick. It’s events like these that prove how corrupt and messed up the Taliban are. So what if the man tried to get people against them? That’s not a good enough reason to cut parts of his face off! With an organization like that, they should know that not everyone is going to support them whether they like it or not. Clearly they are too ignorant to see that, and try and change that by doing things like this.

As human beings living in “free countries”…a lot of us take advantage of the fact that we can say our views and opinions on things without there being any consequences. Whether it’s through debates, campaigns or maybe through blogging like me. It’s no secret that if I was Afghan for instance and said just one of the things I wrote on this blog, I’d end up just like the main mentioned before, [if not worse because I’m female].

A lot of us assume that the whole freedom of speech thing applies to almost everyone…when it doesn’t. It wasn’ t that long ago that I found out things like how you can’t research certain topics in Communist China because of it’s high controversy in the country. A lot of us aren’t grateful enough for the freedom we get. I didn’t think about it so much until hearing this story.

And after hearing that, I’m starting to be more appreciative about the freedom I do have opinion wise…& I suggest you do the same.


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