So Apparently I’m A Communist…

August 25, 2009 at 4:01 pm Leave a comment

There are things I dislike about England as a country, one of those things is the Queen. When telling this to someone I know, they automatically labelled me a Communist, no questions asked. What annoyed me was how they didn’t even ask why I didn’t like her. They heard what I had to say, misunderstood it, then somewhat used

it against me. Why they called me a Communist I don’t know, but I think the term was miss-used. It makes just as much sense as calling every American person an Anarchist because they don’t like George Bush.

My dislike for the Queen is nothing personal, I don’t like any of today’s royal families full stop. In this day and age, I don’t think the need for any kind of royal family is necessary, especially when a Democratic approach is better off. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister has more power over the Queen…so why is she still around? Why does the UK even have a Queen these days?

Some may argue that she represents Great Britain, but the way I see it, all she does is live off other people’s taxes. To all British people out there: You see that pearl necklace she’s wearing? Some of your [or your parent’s] hard earned money probably went towards buying that.

Especially in this economic situation where money is going fast, it’s messed up that people are struggling to find jobs and earn [or keep] a sustainable salary while she sponges off that, living a life of luxury that she didn’t rightfully work for.

Earlier on in this post I said that I didn’t like the Queen or any other kind of royal family in the 21st century…I take that statement back. If anything I’m annoyed at them. I’m annoyed because some of them don’t seem to care about the well being of other people (I say some because I know some of them have done charity work etc…). If they did, they’d give up their extravagant lifestyles and put that money into somewhere where it’s needed instead of somewhere where it’s not. If you like the Queen that’s your choice, I have nothing against that, but as a British citizen, I shouldn’t feel that I have to like or support her just because she’s the Queen of England. Just like every American shouldn’t feel the need to like Obama just because he’s the President of the United States. I’m a human being living in a free country, so I have the right to like and support whoever I want. The Queen may be a representative of the British public to some, but she doesn’t represent me.

Remember, I do not hate the Queen. I just think it’s unfair that she [and the rest of the royal family] live a life of luxury they they don’t need or didn’t rightfully work for.


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