…What Happened? [The Overuse of Auto Tune]

August 24, 2009 at 7:49 pm 1 comment

There used to be a time when Hip Hop music was good. While [some of it] still is, it’s slow deteriation over the years have definitely not made it as good as the original stuff used to be. One aspect that has changed that is Auto Tune.

For those who don’t know what it is, Auto Tune is when an artist uses a program to make their voice sound electronic and some what robotic.

Though it has been used once or twice before by artists like the Scissor Sisters, it’s most common use today is by Hip Hop/Rap artists (if you can even call some ofthem artists). Just listen to any T-Pain song for an example.

At first, I didn’t mind it because it wasn’t used much in music. However now, it just annoys me. While T-Pain was one of the first to consistently use it, his music wasn’t always like that. Listen to one of the first songs he did like “I’m Sprung”. There you can hear his voice and what he sounds like as a “singer”‘; Now…all you hear are the computerized vocals that done in a studio.

Even singers like Jamie Foxx are using it  =(. Anyone who know’s Jamie Foxx’s singing would know that he doesn’t need that crap on his songs. The song “Blame It” is o-k, but isn’t that good compared to stuff on his last album. That being said, I’d rather see his music go downhill than his acting.

I’ve only liked one consistent use of Auto Tune…and that’s on Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak. It wasn’t as heavily electronic as other artists… so it came off in a decent way. Despite that, I still prefer his old stuff, and as far as i know, the whole AT thing isn’t permanent, he’s just taking a break from Rap music.

There’s nothing wrong with that, every artist has the right to try out something new. As long as he goes back to his College Drop out Late Regristration days I’m happy.

On a general note, not only is the AT thing getting used more, but it’s becoming pretty popular. What happened to GOOD music? What happened to liking an artist’s real voice that’s not computerized? What happened to ORIGINALITY?! Or are some “artists” just that desperate to sell records?

Jay Z did a song about the over use of AT called DOA [Death of Auto Tune]…and I agree with every word he says. The fact that this song is so popular is good…it’s a sign that people are realising that AT needs to stop being used so much [if not all together]. It’s a sign that people appreciate artists for their true voices. Most importantly…it’s a sign that people are sick of AT.

Even the American Rock band Death Cab for Cutie are campaigning to get it banned in music. To me, that’s one of many signs that it NEEDS TO STOP.

If artists in the music industry want to keep the quality of music [especially Hip Hop/Rap music] on the verge of decency and not “dying”….then one major step they need to do is get rid of Auto Tune.


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