Michael’s Dead Wtf?!

June 27, 2009 at 9:27 am Leave a comment

For anyone who’s watched TV, read a newspaper or listened to the radio recently would have heard abhttps://i1.wp.com/graphics.sonybmg.com.au/gallery/medium/MichaelJackson68229.jpgout Michael Jackson’s death on Thursday morning due to Cardiac arrest. Honestly, it hasn’t hit me yet. As stupid as it may sound, I’m still thinking that he’ll perform in London in July and I’m still wondering what his next album would sound like [as stupid as it sounds =/]. I know I’m speaking for alot of people when I say that not only will he be missed by his family and his friends, but also by all the fans he had across the globe.

Now I’ve watched a few videos and read a few articles about his death, and while they all are written by people that will miss him and are sad to know he’s dead, the comments for some of them are from people who STILL feel the need to criticize and say bad things about him for all the things he apparently did. Don’t these people have a heart? I don’t care what he was accused of or how bankrupt he may have been etc. It doesn’t change the fact that he was a LEGEND. For instance, with the whole child molestation thing; if he really did it, then why was he found innocent due to lack of evidence?!

Anyway, that isn’t the point [if anything, I’ll talk about that in another post], the point is, he will be missed by A LOT of people, me being one of them. And while he may be dead, is music, his dance moves, and the charity work he did lives on.

Rest In Peace Michael <3.


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