There’s More To It Than That (originally written on 16th February 2009)

May 16, 2009 at 12:30 pm 2 comments

A lot of people think I dislike Abercrombie & Fitch because it’s American… when that’s not the case. Think about it, if it was just because it was American, then I wouldn’t own or like a lot of the things I have now.

I don’t even have anything against Americans, I don’t hate them, I don’t think badly of them and I definitely don’t look down on them; there’s just some things about the American culture, lifestyle that I don’t like or agree with, yet that applies to almost every other country/continent out there; there’s aspects I don’t like about France, Britain, China…and even Switzerland!! The list goes on. So for those who think I have some grudge against Americans… you’re wrong . Maybe you’ve chosen to only look at my posts on Americans etc. and nothing else; but then, that’s your problem not mine. I suggest you be more open in your options when you choose to read posts on here in the future….
I just wanted to clear that up, but anyway, back to the point.
Abercrombie is one of those “aspects” I don’t like about American culture/lifestyle.
Below are some examples of Abercrombie models
Correct me if I’m wrong…but isn’t Abercrombie & Fitch a CLOTHING company?! I don’t see the models above wearing as much as a necklace…
Oh wait….here’s a few
Even then, it’s just a pair of jeans, so does that even count?!
The aim of a company is MEANT to be to advertise their product(s) to the consumer, but the most these models have pictured above are just some jeans and a scarf between them!
While it’s true that “sex sells”, I think this is taking it a bit too far.
These ads may be alright for a Calvin Klein fragrance…but Abercrombie sell clothes, clothes that should be shown more often to their audience. After all, it IS possible for such a company to show the consumer more variations of the product (i.e with clothes on) while still promoting “sex appeal”
Some of you girls reading this may like these adverts shown above…but are you thinking about what this could tell someone?
Are you thinking about how it could make average men insecure about themselves?
Are you thinking about how such ads are making society question what masculinity actually is, in the same way certain ads make society question what beauty is for women?
Are you thinking about how could negatively impact continents outside of Europe and North America by undermining their cultural values?!
The answer is no. The truth is, you’re probably just focusing on their appearance and how “hot” they look. The truth is, when looking at such advertisments, you don’t think about how it can corrupt people and make them want to change into something they’ll probably never be. You don’t think about how it can lead to some men (even young boys) putting themselves at risk and drastically putting themselves in danger, just to get like these men you desire.
And for the boys looking at these ads who own a lot of Abercrombie…or perhaps look a bit like or have similar features to these models, you probably think you’re great don’t you? You’re probably think, because you could (note that I said could) be mistaken for one of these models by SOME , that you’re one of the best things to step foot on this earth and that any girl must be crazy NOT to be in love with you right?
Well let me bring you back to reality; not every girl out there is that shallow; a lot of girls want someone who isn’t a self centered prat who’d choke on their ego if their not careful…they want someone who actually has a personality behind all those “good looks”. I wonder if you tick that box…(surprise me and say you do :|)
I’m not saying this out of anger or spite, I’m saying it based on what I’ve seen people act like with my own two eyes. Whether it’s in school, on the streets…or even in America itself (not that much though, more in CH)
Like I said before, there’s more to my disliking of Abercrombie than people think.
I admit, I’ve said I hated it a few times, but that’s more to do with my hate of it’s representation than the actual clothes themselves. So I should really say I hate how Abercrombie portrays male stereotypes, how it’s lack of showing it’s products doesn’t stop it from being as popular as a company that does such as Gap of H&M, how it makes people think that they need to have it, and if they don’t….then there’s something wrong with them. How it can make some people care about nothing but labels, how it has clones of these models in their shops as nothing but objects for women and girls to pose with, and also how it has to potential to turn certain people into stuck up materialistic prats who look down on almost anyone who doesn’t own it (trust me, I’ve experienced that last one quite a bit)
….I really hope some of you think about the things I mentioned the next time you find yourself looking at one of these ads, or the next time you even see someone wearing it, whether it’s a friend, a stranger on the street…or even yourself.

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  • 1. anon  |  July 5, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    are you a lesbian ?
    who doesn’t like abercrombie models, is it just because they are not black ?
    you’re judging the models on how they look, saying they are going to to choke on their ego and everything and this is exactly what you hate about everyone else. you are judging on looks. maybe you’re just jealous because you know you will never get that looks as hot as them ? xxx

    • 2. Billie Walker  |  August 4, 2009 at 4:50 pm

      Ok First of all..

      “get that looks as hot as them”? If you are going to try and insult me at least make sure your English is correct

      There are Abercrombie models who are black…and I look at them in the same way I look at all the other Abercrombie models, which is something explained in this post.

      …Not all my posts are race related.


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