Should Thin Really Be In? (*originally written on 3rd August 2008*)

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One issue that society is currently facing right now is extreme weight loss (and things around that topic)…
And though this issue affects boys too, it mainly happens to girls…And though it doesn’t affect that many I have realised that this issue with weight has affected quite a few girls in my school, in both High School and Middle School.

It bothers me because I look at some of these girls at my school and think they were fine the way they were before some of them started to drastically lose weight;
I know quite a few girls that refuse to even step foot in places like McDonalds, because they consider those places things like “nasty” or “disgusting”…the way some of them go on about it makes me think that they’ve gotten the idea in their mind that eating food like that just once would give them a heart attack or something =S….when we all know that’s not true…

I even knew one girl who wanted her maximum weight to be 50kg…
now if you knew this girl and you knew how tall she was then you’d know that the weight she was trying to get to would make her scaringly underweight…
It wasn’t long until she came to her senses and started to eat again when most of her friends stopped talking to her; and although she said she had put on weight I was still worried about her…
So I entered her weight & height into this BMI calculator on a health website, & it said this:

You are underweight for your height

Your BMI is 17.5

If your BMI is less than 18.4 you are underweight for your height. People who are underweight may be at risk from health problems, including loss of bone density and malnutrition.

Hopefully the girl I am talking about now is reading this, and hopefully she’ll realise that she needs to get to a healthy weight soon…

But anyway, like I said before there are other girls too in my school with this problem. I remember once at school hearing a High School girl telling her friend not to eat things like croissants, because they contain Carbs. She then went on to say that you shouldn’t eat Carbs because they make you “fat”…

Now to me, that sounds like a bunch of crap. If that was the case, then why should a healthy balanced diet consist 1/3 of carbohydrates?!
Yes it’s true that if you were to not eat carbs for a while, then you would lose weight. But it wouldn’t be too long until you put all the weight back on (if not more) that you lost beforehand…

But that’s not the point I’m trying to make…the point is that more girls (not just at my school, but in general) are starting to become obsessed with trying to lose weight, and are using at times extreme ways to do so…
Now I’ve seen some girls at my school who eat nothing but salads, water and maybe the occasional apple. Now while I’m saying it’s not a bad thing to eat things like this, I see a big difference between eating healthily and being obsessed with what you eat and how many calories you are taking in etc…and guess which one I see this as?

And why do some of these girls see themselves at “fat” in the first place? By who’s standards are they comparing themselves to? This is one thing I’m slightly confused about…

When I asked a few people I knew what they thought was the reason behind it, many of them said that they thought it was the media’s fault for only showing stick thin women at times with virtually no figure…
One thing I found interesting is when one girl blamed certain High School girls who are said to be bulimic (she mentioned a few names but I won’t say who) for the reason behind it at my school; it was then I realised that she was in a way right.

Certain High School girls (only some) at my school do all these things to keep/try to get to what I see as just too skinny. What they often don’t realise is that when they do this, younger girls in the school look up to them in a way and think that what/how they eat etc. is actually ok and that there is nothing wrong with it…when there clearly is. While I’m saying that it’s not completely their fault (as the media does have something to do with it also) maybe if the older girls who had this problem got it sorted, then the younger girls with the same problem might do the same thing.

So to anyone who thinks they’re too fat or not skinny enough, DON’T LOSE WEIGHT.
Unless you’ve actually gone to a specialist who says you are overweight or too heavy for your height/age, fair enough; but until then you’re fine the way you are. Normal sized, curvy girls look good too…

& besides…half the skinny girls you see out there aren’t even that pretty anyway…they are nothing but skin and bones (what’s so pretty about that?!)


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Real Women HAVE Curves!! (originally written on 7th August 2008)

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