Make Up: A Must Have Or A Waste Of Money (originally written on 30th November 2009)

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….If to name a few. These are examples of the cosmetic products that the media makes female believe they need to have in order to look beautiful, or simply just to “enhance our features”.
Anyone could tell you that the cosmetic industry is huge, as it always comes out with some new product that is said to make someone look younger, said to be “better” for your skin, or even last for 24 hours; products that quite a lot (but not all) females purchase, as they are convinced they’ll look better than they did before. But do we really need all of this? Will we look fine without them? Do these products actually do what they say on the label?

As females som of us are actually convinced that yes, we DO need these products, and that it’s some kind of sin not to wear at least one of these things on a daily basis, when we don’t truly need them. The media has just slightly brainwashed us into thinking we do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that make up is a terrible thing and that the media is evil (ok..they probably are), I admit though I usually don’t have any on, I wear make up every now and then…when I feel like it, but even then it’s just eyeliner, a bit of mascara, MAYBE some eyeshadow to parties, but that’s about it…so it takes me no more than 5 minutes to put on…I don’t feel the need to spend 10-20 minutes with concealer, foundation, blush and any more of that crap, because it truly is a waste of time to do that every day.

I know girls who will refuse to step out of the house without some mascara on at least because they think they look horrible with their faces just bare…I even know girls who believe make up is a waste of tim and money, but despite this they still wear it everyday as it makes them feel better about themselves, I also know girls that own and wear so much of the stuff, that at times you can’t help but wonder if they’re trying to cover up or hide insecurities they have;
how did things become so bad? Why are people so influenced by the media, taking in all the false messages it spreads without realising it…to the point that there are teenage girls out there who actually feel ugly with the way they naturally are?! I don’t know about you, but I know many people who look great (if not better) without make up on, this is because their face isn’t masked with these products that cover it up, so their natural beauty shines through, something which is alot more genuine than what they portray in the media…

Now I’m not saying that wearing make up on a daily basis makes you a brainwashed person who has insecurities to hide…if you choose to wear it so frequently thats your choice, but ask yourself these questions the next time your putting it on:

Are you wearing it because you want to…
Are you wearing it because you feel you’re ugly without it, so you HAVE to put some on in order to look good …
Are you wearing it because you’re hoping to cover up or hide some sort of insecurity..
Are you wearing it to express yourself…
Or simply because you feel like it?

There are many more questions I could put…but I’ll stick to those ones;
if your answer is yes to the 2nd and 3rd question, then you need to learn to love yourself the way you naturally are…because the truth is, even with all of that on your face, at times, it will never be enough…they’ll still be a part of you that is insecure about something or another, even with all that make up on.


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