Is Soulja Boy A B****? (originally posted on 14th August 2009)

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Unless you haven’t figured it out by now…I watch quite a few things on YouTube…though I didn’t watch it recently I just want to talk about the news video I saw by Philip DeFranco, which was called “Soulja Boy Is A B****”. He talked about the conflict between young rapper Soulja Boy (I’ll put SB for short) and Eastcoast rapper Ice T which started after Ice T had said that SB had “single handedly killed Hip Hop”, he also talked about SB’s reactions and what he said back.

What struck me the most about the video is when Philip told people what he thought of SB’s music. He said how he didn’t even consider it Hip Hop or even Rap; if anything, he described SB’s music as “bitch rap”, which I thought was pretty funny aswell as true…

After watching the Philip DeFranco video, I wanted to know more on the whole “SB vs. Ice T” situation…so I watched the two videos myself (Ice T’s views first, then SB’s reaction after) And I have to say that after watching SB’s reaction and what he said about Ice T, I just lost…well not my rescpect for him (I don’t think I really had any to begin with) but definitely my liking for SB; this is because In the video, SB is just cursing like mad and saying the N word about 80 times =/, therefore whatever he was trying to say, it didn’t come across very clearly…that and it’s bad enough that the N word is used so frequently in music…but to say it so often in the space of a 7 minute video just made me sick.

Now not only did the video make him seem ignorant and slightly uneducated…but he had two of his friends laughing in the backround the whole time like total prats! What kind of message is that sending to people?! It’s probably because of people like him that black people are seen as at times nothing but “uneducated thugs” If not something along those lines by other races…Maybe artists like SB are the reason that some people can’t stand to listen to rap music…And SB was said to be a positive role model for younger people…

For Ice T to say that SB “single handedly killed Hip Hop” is a bit harsh…and while I think it is harsh, there are quite a few other bad rappers out there who seem to do music worse than SB’s…so if SB did kill Hip Hop, he certainly didn’t do it alone…Not necessarily from the point explained before, but I can in a way understand where Ice T was coming from; there are rappers out there that spend a long time coming out with deep and meaningful lyrics, and for SB to just say a few mindless repetitive things in his songs, and also for them to be hits must tick some other rappers off…

I admit, it wasn’t that long ago when I was doing the dance and listening to some of his songs…but when I actually sat back and listened to one of his lyrics going
“I’m bouncing on my toe, watch me supersoak that ho”,
I just thought “Wait, what?!” I even had to rewind the song to check I wasn’t hearing things =/…for those who don’t know what that “supersoak that ho” means, here’s a link to a definition:

It’s weird because some people have described his music as something good for 10 year olds to listen to…I’m sorry but if you knew the full meaning of the lyric I quoted above, would you let a ten year old listen to that?!
I understand that SB is kinda young at 18, so I know that he won’t exactly be saying lyrics that would typically fall under the Gangsta Rap catergory…but it doesn’t make his lyrics 100% clean and innocent as they are sometimes made out to be does it?

Now I may say these things about SB, but I don’t hate him…I just don’t see what’s so great about him anymore…his biggest hit was obviously “Crank Dat”, but songs like “Yahhh” just get on my last nerve =/

So whether I’m on SB’s side or Ice T’s side I don’t know…I try not to take sides on that sort of thing and see things from both points of view, but I think the conflict between them is over by now anyway, so they’ll be no sides to take I suppose…and the whole issue about SB being a b****, well it seems at times that to me, he kinda acts like one coming out with the comments he said about Ice T…


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