Do We Trust People TOO Much? (originally written on 11th November 2008)

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It seems that quite a few people out there open up to people a bit too much, especially when it comes to their friends… some of these friends might not even truthfully like us, they might act one way with you and be completely different with others…

It’s these kinda people that should be looked out for, as they’re the sneaky ones who probably talk about you the most; they’re the ones who won’t stop until they find your weakness or one of your insecurities, and when things go wrong, they’ll use that against you as they’ll know it will hurt you. To be frank, how long you’ve known or haven’t known a person has nothing to do with how much you can trust them. I can think of quite a few people who are “BFFs” or whatever you want to call it with someone, and that someone talks about that other friend behind their back as if they even hated them =S.

I don’t know about you but I’ve experienced this distrust thing…too many times. I’ve known people who I thought I could trust and they did nothing but betray that. I even had one of those “best friends” that I’d known since I was about 4…but based on the subject of this article, you can kinda guess what happened between me and them. Even after that happened, I still trusted people too much, I opened up to them unnecessarily and I told them TOO much personally… and while not all of them did this, some of them chose to use it against me later on.
Hopefully, now I’ve learned from my mistakes, now I’m just going to trust that small handful of people and no more than that; as far as I know, others I don’t know that well will just use my trust to their advantage and stab me in the back at any moment…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t open up to anyone, and I hope I don’t sound paranoid when I say this, but people should choose who they trust wisely and be more careful…because we never know what some of our friends could be saying about us when we’re not around, meaning that we might not really be sure on which one of those friends are genuine and true…and not just another lying deceitful backstabber =/.


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